Get started as a new student

Get started as a new student

A step-by-step guide for new students at NHH.

1. Receive e-mail from NHH

Do not start the registration before you have received an e-mail with your student ID number, pin code and link to “Studentweb” where you register as a student. You will receive this e-mail approximately 7 August. Please keep the pin code as you will need this at the self-service photo-booth where you will take your photo for the student ID card!

2. Activate user account

Open Enter your student ID number and generate (reset) password. You will then receive an e-mail containing a link for generating a new password. The Student ID number and the password you generate/create will be your “Feide log in” which you will be using to log in to your user account and several other services at NHH. Please see for information about it services for new students.

3. Register in Studentweb

Log in to Studentweb with by using “Feide log in” (described above). Please make sure that the contact information in Studentweb is correct, and then generate invoice for the semester fee. The semester fee must be paid prior to registration for courses and exams. Remember to use KID-number!

Please note: Exchange students shall NOT pay semester fee.

As soon as your payment is processed (may take 3-5 working days) you may register for courses and examsDeadline 1 September for autumn semester and 1 February for spring semester. Please note that there may be earlier deadlines for access restricted courses.

4. Download the student ID app

When you have paid your semester fee and registered in the Studentweb, you may download your digital student ID. Read more about student ID-app. Log in using “Feide log in”

5. Log on to WiFi

Connect to the Eduroam network. Use your NHH-email address (see point 10) as username and use your FEIDE-password (point 3) to log on. See for more info and step-by-step guides on different operating systems.

6. Photo for the student ID card

Photo for the student ID card will take place in the NHH library during week 33 and 34. Please log in at a self-service photo booth and take the photo yourself. Use the pin code from the e-mail (point 1).

Your student ID will be ready in a few weeks. You will be notified through Canvas/ItsLearning when and where you may pick it up. The student ID card is your access card and also functions for registering loans at the library and access to printers. You will need the student ID app in order to pick up the student ID card.

Please note! Outside official opening hours you need to use student ID card and pin code to access the building and the study rooms. The pin code to your student ID card is NOT the same code you will receive in the e-mail (point 1). This is how you find the code to the student ID card

7. Report accurate address

Please report accurate address through Posten.

8. Find your assigned e-learning system

NHH is in the process of changing our e-learning system. Itslearning is being phased out during  autumn 2017 and spring 2018 and will be replaced by Canvas. In the interim phase both system will be in operation. The professor in each course decides which system the course will be using. You may have to use both systems in this period.

ItsLearning and Canvas will contain the homepages for your courses and messages from the professors. Use “Feide log in” to log in to both systems (the same user and password as your IT-account). You will automatically have access to courses the day after you have registered for courses in Studentweb.

9. Log in to Webmail

All students will receive their own nhh student e-mail address. The format is: Find your e-mail address.

NHH will be using this e-mail for information and messages, and it is thus compulsory for all students to check this e-mail account on a regular basis. Alternatively you may set up your e-mail account to forward e-mails to your preferred e-mail account automatically. Please find information on e-mail accounts and IT support for students at

10. Get an overview of important information

Please gain overview over the following to stay on top of things:

More information?

Use the search engine at to find information.

Please drop by the Service Centre or send an e-mail to if you need further assistance.