Master Thesis Guidelines

Master Thesis Guidelines

Guidelines for Master's theses written at NHH.

  • Purpose/learning outcomes

    Purpose/learning outcomes

    The purpose of the thesis is to go in depth within one or several research question. You should be trained in thinking and working individually, developing analytic skills and getting a deeper understanding for the theoretical or empirical possibilities within a topic of your own choosing.

    You should learn to make analysis and relate critically to different sources and use them to make structured and scientific reasoning within ethical norms. You should show understanding, reflection, and maturation.

  • Scope, themes, collaboration and language

    Scope, themes, collaboration and language

    The scope of the thesis should be equivalent to 30 ECTS per student. To the extent possible, two students should write together. You can look for a writing partner on Canvas. You must collaborate with a NHH student. We do not permit more than two students to collaborate. If you for some reason need to write alone, you must apply.

    You should select a theme within your specialisation, and if you collaborate with a student with a different specialisation, the theme must satisfy both profiles. You should choose your own theme, define research questions, select the theoretical foundation and research methods. Your supervisor will approve your theme. If in doubt whether the theme satisfies the chosen major(s), the supervisor will confer with the relevant profile coordinator(s). 

  • Registration


    The registration deadline is 1 September for the autumn and 1 February for the spring. You must have a right to study, and have paid the semester fee. The examination code is the short version of the specialisation name, +THE, e.g. BUSTHE.

  • Formal requirements

    Formal requirements

    You should submit the thesis within specific guidelines. Read more about this on the page Submission and grading. You must follow our regulations relating to use of sources and references, and further, in relation to cheating. If you have collected data while working on your thesis, you must also remember to follow regulations regarding data protection.

  • Supervision


    You have the right to receive supervision, and supervisor will be designated after you have applied for it. We refer to our page, Apply for Supervisor for more information, as well as the document "Supervision guidelines".

    You will be provided with a supervisor for a period of one semester. If you need to extend this period, you must contact and arrange this directly with your supervisor.

    Supervisor may also be released from the supervising relationship if you do not comply with your obligations, or if the relationship becomes problematic.

    The supervisor and the students may contact the Department in cases where there are a significant change in the thesis theme, which require a change of supervisor.

  • Grade, explaination and appeal

    Grade, explaination and appeal

    Normally, you will receive your grade within six weeks of submitting the thesis.

    You have a right to ask for an explanation of the grade. You must ask your supervisor directly within one week after you have received your grade.

    If you wish to appeal the grade, you should follow the regular procedures for appealing. For more information, we refer to our pages regarding Appeal of grade.