Writing master thesis alone

Writing master thesis alone

All students should write in pairs. However, there are some exceptions to that rule.

Reasons for the application must be documented. Send the application with documentation to exams@nhh.no.

Application deadline is October 1st for students who will write their thesis in the spring semester and March 1st for the autumn semester.

  • Reasons to apply for writing the master thesis alone:

    Reasons to apply for writing the master thesis alone:

    • Illness / Childbirth - An illness that would be an obstacle in the writing process with another student. Delivery during the writing semester. Documentation: Medical certificate. Due date confirmation.
    • Private agreement with a partner company - The company wishes exclusivity / confidentiality with one student. Documentation: Confirmation from the company of business exclusivity / confidentiality.
    • Other reasons that may be an obstacle to good and equal cooperation between the two students.

          ° Work and place of residence is not considered as such obstacles

  • Other reasons for writing alone:

    Other reasons for writing alone:

    • Double Degree Students
    • CEMS students

    Double Degree students must satisfy two institutions’ requirements for their master thesis. This may pose difficulties regarding cooperation with other students.

    • Students planning to continue with a PhD

    Please add the following documentation to the application:

      • A transcript of records of achieved grades
      • Recommendation/confirmation letter from the relevant academic department or from the ph.d. coordinator (please contact phd@nhh.no)