Submission and grading

Submission and grading

It is possible to submit a thesis as soon as it is finished regardless of the time of the year.

However, for reporting purposes NHH operate by semester divisions, within midnight on 20 December and 1 June. You must have an active right to study in order to submit your thesis.

  • Submission in WISEflow

    Submission in WISEflow

    The master thesis must be submitted in WISEflow before the deadline (the submission flow is called Master thesis "SEMESTER" and "YEAR"). You may only submit your thesis once, so make sure you submit the correct and complete version. Once you have submittes the thesis, you are not allowed to withdraw it in order to make changes.

    The thesis must be submitted as one main document in pdf-format. You can also upload attachments and/or additional material in other formats if needed. When submitting your thesis in WISEflow, you have to provide the name of your supervisor, indicate whether the thesis can be published, and whether it contains confidential information. 

    Be aware that if you choose to include your handwritten signature in the thesis, this will be visible in the published document. NHH strongly recommend that you do not sign documents that will be published online.

  • Delayed submission of the master thesis

    Delayed submission of the master thesis

    If you cannot submit the thesis within the deadline, it will generally be possible to submit your thesis in the following semester. If you need an extended right to study in order to submit your thesis, you must apply for this by sending an e-mail to Section for Exams.

    Theses submitted after the deadline for the current semester will be registered as submitted in the following semester on your final diploma.

    If you do not complete the thesis within the period of your supervisor agreement, you must apply the supervisor for an extension of supervision. If the original supervisor does not agree to the extension, you can apply for a new supervisor within the set deadlines for the coming semester.

    You must have paid the semester fee and register for assessment for the following semester in order for your thesis to be graded. 

    Theses submitted after the formal deadline, and before the registration opens for the following semester, will not be graded until assessment registration and payment of the semester fee is completed. 

    Please note that you can only submit your thesis once.

    The title for your thesis must be registered in Studentweb after you have registered for assessment the following semester.

  • Thesis title

    Thesis title

    Before you submit your thesis, you must register the title in Studentweb. Be accurate about the typing and capitalization – what you type will appear on your Diploma. Please check that your name is correctly spelled in Studentweb.


    • Find the course code for the Thesis xxxTHE, for example by Active Courses and click on it.
    • Click on Edit under the Exam Registrations and on Show title
    • Register the Title in the original language and the Title in English (if the thesis has been written in English the title is to be the same.)
    • Remember to save the title after registering it
  • Final report NSD

    Final report NSD

    If you processed personal data (for example names, interviews with sound/video, surveys) while working with your master thesis, you must submit a final report to NSD.

    By submitting your thesis you also confirm that you have sent the final report to NSD.

    You also confirm that you have deleted the personal data you have processed, or, if you need continued access for the purpose of further research / publications, that you have applied for this. Note that, in case you need continued access, you will be the responsible data controller of the personal data.

  • Confindential theses

    Confindential theses

    NHH has the right to use existing theses in lectures, therefore we generally discourage students from writing confidential theses.

    In special circumstances where you cannot omit confidential information or ensure proper anonymity, your supervisor may decide that the master thesis should be registered as confidential. Please make sure to indicate this on the front page when submitting your thesis in WISEflow. You must specify the duartion of confidentiality on the front page. If the date is missing, the library can add it for you.

    Borrowing a confidential master thesis from the library requires a written permission from the supervisor and writer(s). The normal duration of confidentiality is four years. After this period, the thesis should be made available for all students.

     All thesis, confidential or not, should be submitted in WISEflow.

  • Diploma


    Diploma, transcript and diploma supplement will be issued once the degree has been completed, and your right to study will be terminated. Please make sure that the courses you wish to include on your diploma are listed correctly in your education plan in Studentweb.

    Once the grade for the thesis is announced, we will start issuing your diploma. The diploma will be sent to the address you have registered in Studenweb, so please make sure that this address is correct. For more information, see our webpage regarding diplomas. 

    Normally, the Diplomas are issued in September/October for degrees completed in the spring semester, and February/March for students finishing the fall semester.

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION: When your diploma is issued, you will lose access to your student account and e-mail. Please make sure to save the information you need.