Submission and grading

Submission and grading

It is possible to submit a thesis as soon as it is finished regardless of the time of the year.

However, for reporting purposes NHH operate by semester divisions, within midnight on 20 December and 1 June. If you submit your thesis after a deadline, it will be registered as submitted the following semester. You must have your study right to submit the paper.

Before you submit your thesis, you must register the title in Studentweb. Be accurate about the typing and capitalization – what you type will appear on your Diploma. Please check that your name is correctly spelled in Studentweb.

How to register the title in Studentweb:

  • Find the course code for the Thesis xxxTHE, for example by Active Courses and click on it.
  • Click on Edit under the Exam Registrations and on Show title
  • Register the Title in the original language and the Title in English (if the thesis has been written in English the title is to be the same.)
  • Remember to save the title after registering it

Electronic submission

The master thesis must be submitted electronically to Make sure you submit the correct complete version of your thesis, you may only submit once.

The e-mail should contain:

  • Subject field: the name of your supervisor
  • Name and student numbers
  • The master´s thesis, in pdf, in one document
  • Submission form (one per student)

Electronic publication

To publish your master´s thesis in NHH Brage, NHHs open archive, you must fill out and sign the agreement in the "Submission form". Publication in NHH Brage ensures that the thesis is made available nationally and internationally eg through Oria or Google Scholar. For more information about electronic publishing, we refer to the library’s homepage.

Regarding confidentiality

We generally discourage students from writing confidential theses. As NHH has the right to use existing theses in lectures, the fewest possible should have a "stamp of secrecy".

In special circumstances where you cannot omit confidential information or ensure proper anonymity, your supervisor may decide that the master thesis should be registered as confidential. This information must be available when submitting the thesis, and the confidentiality duration must be specified on the front page. If the date is missing the library will add it for you.

Borrowing a confidential master´s thesis from the library requires permission from the supervisor and writer(s). The permission should be in writing. Confidentiality is normally for the duration of four years, and after that time the Thesis should be available for all students.

 All thesis, confidential or not, should be submitted electronically.

Grading, explanation and appeal

Your supervisor and an external examiner will grade the thesis according to the guidelines developed by the National Council for Economic and Administrative Education (NRØA). You can expect the grade to be published 6 weeks after the thesis has been submitted for grading.

To receive an explanation of your grade, please contact your supervisor by email within a week of receiving your grade.

You may appeal the grade according to our regular rules and regulations. We refer to our webpages regarding appeal of grade.


Diploma, transcript and diploma supplement will be issued once the degree has been completed, and your right to study will be terminated. You need to notify if you wish to remain a student or retake examinations for another semester. Please make sure that the courses you wish to include are correct in Studentwebb, especially when you 

Please ensure that the address in Studentweb is updated - we will send your Diploma to your registered home address.

Normally, the Diplomas are ready within September/October for degrees completed in the spring semester, and February/March for students finishing the fall semester.