Diploma, duplicates and transcript of records

Diploma, duplicates and transcript of records

Upon obtaining your degree at Norwegian School of Economics, you will receive a diploma. The diploma is document of value and is issued only once.

Your diploma is based on your registered education plan in Studentweb.

The diploma is sent by mail as a recorded delivery to the address registered as your home address at StudentWeb. Addresses are not obtained from the national registry. You must update the correct address in Studentweb. Information on how others can pick up recorded letters, can be found at posten.no should you not be able to pick up the diploma at the postal office yourself.

  • Diploma


    Anyone who transfers to a master program, defers studies or reports leaving the program after obtaining a bachelor's degree, will have completed the degree and a diploma will be issued.

    The diploma is issued in Norwegian. The Diploma Supplement can be used in case an English version is required.

    NHH registers the degree as completed after the appeal deadline for your study has passed and after any complaints have been handled. The diplomas are usually ready in September/October, and February/March.

    Your right to study is terminated when NHH registers the degree as completed, and you will thus not be able take for more exams in the degree. The exception is MRR students who can apply for postgraduate studies.

    You will lose access to IT systems at NHH as soon as your degree is registered as completed, or after your right to study ends. We therefore urge you to save important information from the student e-mail, well in advance.

  • Diploma registry

    Diploma registry

    At Diploma Registry you can extract results from your education and share them with other universities, future employers, etc. The service can be used by both current and former students with a norwegian social security number.

    Results from the autumn of 2005 and on are complete. Previous results are in some cases incomplete and can otherwise not be updated. You can contact exam@nhh.no regarding this.

    Read more about the Diploma Registry (external link)

    As a rule, you will not receive a transcript after you have received your diploma. Should you need a signed transcript on paper in connection with an application for studies or the like, this must be registered on Studentweb. You can choose language for the issued transcript. Service center handles the requests and will provide a signed transcript within a week.

    Log on to the Diploma registry

  • Transcript of records

    Transcript of records

    You can download a digital transcript of your grades through the Diploma Registry or Studentweb.

    The digital signature on the transcript is as valid as a stamp and signature from a paper transcript.

    Order transcript of records from Studentweb

    1. Log in to Studentweb.
    2. Select Orders in the meny on top of the page.
    3. After 10 minutes you digital grade transcript will be available under Documents.

    Order Transcript of records from Diploma registry

    1. Log in to Diploma Registry.
    2. Select which results you want to share.
    3. Generate a link and share it with desired recipient.
    4. You and your recipient will recieve a link and a unique code to access the results.

    See a demonstratsion of how you share your results from Diploma Registry via link.

    To log on the Diploma Registry you need one of the following:

    1. an active student account at a Norwegian University/University College (log on by using Feide)
    2. a Norwegian national identity number (log on by using ID-porten)
  • Study plan

    Study plan

    Your study plan at Studentweb is the basis for your diploma. It is highly important that this is correct before you finish your degree.

    Prior to the registration deadline of each semester, you can update your education plan yourself. Should you wish to make changes during the semester, you can contact a study counsellor by sending an e-mail to student@nhh.no.

    If you have taken more courses than you can include in the degree, you must adjust the education plan yourself. The deadline for this is 15th of August if you complete in the spring semester and 15th of January if you complete in the autumn semester. We will make priority in case a study plan needs adjusting.

    Courses from exchange programmes and courses from earlier education will show as ‘Recognized’ on the diploma without grade. You need to contact institutions in question for transcripts in these cases.

    In case you have previous education recognized as a part of your degree and still decide to take an exam in a corresponding course at NHH, the grant of recognition will lapse.

  • Diploma duplicate

    Diploma duplicate

    Diploma is issued only once. Should the need for replacing your diploma occur for various reasons, you can order a duplicate.

    The fee for a duplicate of a diploma is NOK 1,000. Payment must be made via Vipps to #529327 NHH in advance. Mark the payment "Diploma".

    Handling time is up to 3 weeks and the order is binding.

    We offer a confirmation of degree as an alternative, free of charge. You can ask for a confirmation by contacting student@nhh.no.

  • Grade Point average (GPA)

    Grade Point average (GPA)

    NHH does not calculate GPA, but you can calculate this yourself. To calculate an average grade, set A = 5, B = 4, C = 3, D = 2, E = 1. Standard rounding rules apply. The courses are weighted on credits.

Issuance of diplomas for students starting in the autumn of 2018 and later, is regulated by § 7-1 from Regulations for full-time study programmes at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH).