Apply for supervisor

Apply for supervisor

You will apply for supervisor on this page, before 15 October if you are writing the master's thesis in the spring semester, and 15 March for the autumn semester.

You must try to be as accurate as possible when filling out the form. If you have not yet decided for a specific theme, you should list your possible interest fields. If you have been in contact with, or wish a specific supervisor, please notify us, and it will be taken into consideration.

The document named "Supervision guidelines" are guidelines for you and your supervisor during the writing process. You and your supervisor should go through the details when starting your supervision.

Your assigned supervisor will be published in Studentweb within December (for the spring semester) and within may (for the fall semester). The date for publication may vary.

Before submitting the application form, please read the rules and regulations for the master´s thesis, and also the supervision guidelines (pdf).

 The form will be available around 1 February.