ENEINT Internship

Vår 2024

Høst 2024
  • Topics

    In order to enhance one's understanding of how academic theory and practice interconnect, this course combines an internship in a company/organization operating within the areas relevant for the ENE profile with a report that relates academic theories to practice.

  • Learning outcome

    Upon successful completion of the course, the student will have attained the following:


    • The candidate has knowledge about how theories from economics/business administration and practice interconnect in a company/organization operating within the areas relevant for the ENE profile


    • The candidate is able to do an analysis or suggest improvements at the organization where the internship takes place, using relevant academic methods and theories

    General competence

    • The candidate is able to reflect on and assess the validity of knowledge and skills acquired during his/her studies in light of practice

  • Credit reduction due to overlap

    You may take both ENEINT and INTERN-A-M, but they must be based on two different internships.

    ENEINT/INTERN-A-M cannot be included in the degree if taken in combination with Grunderskolen / Innovation School / Social entrepreneurship. If you take both ENEINT/INTERN-A-M and Grunderskolen / Innovation School / Social Entrepreneurship, ENEINT/INTERN-A-M will be shown in a separate transcript.

  • Compulsory Activity


  • Assessment

    In order to have an internship approved, the following requirements must be accomplished:

    1. The company where the internship is performed must be operating within the areas relevant for the ENE major.
    2. The internship must last for at least one month (four full work weeks), and must be completed by 20 June in the spring semester and 20 December in the autumn semester. The internship must be carried out within the period you have the right to study at the master programme.
    3. The company where the internship is performed must write a confirmation with a short description of the work that the student has been involved in.
    4.  The student is to write a report that describes the knowledge that the student has gained, and relates this to relevant literature/articles. The report can be presented as a case document, based on the company/organization where the internship was performed.
    • The report should be 4-5 pages long, with emphasis on:
      • Details about the internship: Name of company, place, duration, etc.
      • Description of the company/organization where the internship has taken place, what it is doing, and why it is relevant to ENE
      • A specific description of the candidate's work and assignment
      • How academic theories are related to practice
      • What the learning outcome has been
    • The student report and the company's letter are to be submitted by email to for registration at the Examination Office, before it is forwarded to the examiners.
    • In order to pass, the student must have written a well-structured and well-written report with adequate content and length. The candidate must demonstrate an ability to use relevant academic theories and skills in practice, and to critically reflect on and assess those same theories and skills in light of practice.
    • There are no specific deadlines.

  • Grading Scale

    Pass - Fail.



Autumn and Spring. Will be offered Spring 2024.

Course responsible

Professor Stein Ivar Steinshamn, Department of Business and Management Science