Innovation 2022 - Innovation Strategies during times of external shocks

Today, more firms realize that quality and customer satisfaction is a ticket to play in the market, but innovations are a ticket to stay.

In this seminar, we ask and reveal:  Which firms are perceived by their customers as the most innovative and most attractive firms in the market? Which firms have the most innovative solutions within Intelligent Automation (IA)? Which firms are the better on social innovations? What are effective innovation strategies during times of external shocks? We will invite voices from leading firms within each category supplemented by research-findings from leading DIG-researchers.


Agenda (TentativE)

Attendance and light refreshments

Introduction to the day
Manager Embla Belsvik, Bekk

Norwegian Innovation Index and Innovation Strategie
Professor Tor W Andreassen, NHH

Findings from Norwegian Innovation Index 2021
Professor Tor W Andreassen, NHH

Two voices from NII-winners

  • «Learning as key for digital innovation”, IT manager Jonas Slørdahl Skjærpe, NAV
  • NRK


Organizing for innovation capacity
Professor Inger Stensaker, NHH

Norwegian firms’ innovations during Covid-19
Professor Bram Timmermans, NHH

Two voices from NII-winners

  • Telenor Mobil
  • "Sustainability is a force for innovation", Alexander Haneng, Posten

Honoring the best of the best and closing
Embla Belsvik, Bekk

Mingling and social gathering

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