Navigating ESG Challenges: Insights into Corporate Responses and Greenwashing Risks

Navigating ESG Challenges: Insights into Corporate Responses and Greenwashing Risks  

Friday, March 15 at 10.30-12.00 at NHH, Helleveien 30 

Associate Professor Ioannis Ioannou from London Business School is a leading strategy scholar whose research focuses on sustainability and corporate social responsibility.  

In this keynote, Ioannou will address how companies are under increasing pressure to show their commitment to ESG (environmental, social, and governance) performance, but their approaches are varied and complex. Ioannou will present new research on the factors driving real change versus mere token gestures, uncovering the dangers of greenwashing, where talk doesn't match action. He will further discuss how this impacts customer satisfaction and why group dynamics play a crucial role in ESG strategies.  

Following Ioannou’s keynote, he will engage in a conversation with professor Lars Jacob Tynes Pedersen from NHH to discuss the impact of this research and how it aims to advance the understanding of corporate ESG responses, ambitions, actions and impacts. 

Prof. Ioannou will give this lecture as part of the ENGAGE.EU R&I Think Tank 2024 in collaboration with the Bergen climate festival "Varmere Villere Våtere".  

The lecture will be followed by a light lunch. Please register here before Thursday 7 March 2024, if you would like to have lunch: Lunch registration NHHLunch capacity is limited to 70 participants.