For Students

For Students

FOOD initiate and finance master thesis work on research topics covered by the project.

In particular, FOOD offers master thesis grants to students writing master thesis in the FOOD project. The grant is NOK 15 000 for two authors and NOK 10 000 for single authors

The students receive supervision by researchers from the FOOD team and to the extent needed, they will have contact with relevant staff at NorgesGruppen (NG).

Necessary data are provided from NG. NHH provide secure data solutions to the students.

Public versions of the theses will be published on the FOOD project’s web page in NHH's Open Access Archive, Brage.

All questions regarding thesis work and potential research topics can be sent to: and

  • Ongoing master's theses

    Ongoing master's theses

    Spring 2018

    Pricing of bread in the Spar chain
    Elisabeth Daae and Ragnhild Leine Grebstad is writing a thesis on how the Spar chain’s strategy of reducing bread prices just before closing time affect profitability and waste.

    Loyalty programs in the Norwegian grocery market
    Inga Kristine Godø is currently writing a master thesis comparing the effectiveness of three different loyalty programs used by Norwegian retail chains. Her thesis is based on survey data.

    Price portals
    There is a large focus on the use of price portals to increase consumer awareness on grocery prices. Focusing on the price portal ‘VG-børsen’, Cato Dirdal and Thomas S. Kristiansen are currently writing a master thesis where they analyzes prices for products within and outside the portal.

    Seasonal local demand shocks and pricing
    Olav Vandvik and Martin Lysne Mathisen analyze prices in local shops that are exposed to large seasonal shocks in demand due to influx of consumers during the Easter and summer holidays. The pricing strategies of these stores are compared with those of similar shops not exposed to similar demand shocks in these periods.

  • Previous master's theses

    Previous master's theses

    Spring 2017

    «Revenue Management i Dagligvaremarkedet: En empirisk studie av dynamisk prising», [Revenue management in the grocery market: An empirical study of dynamic pricing, in Norwegian], Megerditch S. Chadoyan and Zhian Faramarzi, Spring 2017

    «Bad Neighbours?  Local Price Competition in the Norwegian Grocery Retail Market», Damian Sanchez Olsen and Martin Sanchez Olsen, Spring 2017

    «Produktivitet i dagligvarehandel: En analyse av produktivitetsutviklingen i NorgesGruppen og ulike norske bransjer», [Productivity in the grocery market: An analyzes of the productivity development in NorgesGruppen and different Norwegian Industries, in Norwegian], Christian Didrik Kay and Jørgen Farmen Sørlie, Spring 2017.

    «Netthandel av dagligvarer i Norge: En studie av markedet for netthandel av dagligvarer i Norge og hvordan dagligvarebransjen bør respondere», [Online grocery sales in Norway: A study of the market for online sales in Norway and how the market participants should respond, in Norwegian], Steffen Engelberg Lundanes and Øyvind Støa Saltermark, Spring 2017.

    «Effekten av endret vareutvalg i norsk og svensk dagligvare: Hvordan reagerer like kunder på ulike vareutvalg?», [The effect of changed product range in Norwegian and Swedish grocery markets: How do similar customers react to different product ranges? in Norwegian], Rune Nyerrød and Julie Wanderås Tronstad, Spring 2017.

    «Markedskonsentrasjon i Skandinavia: En analyse av eksogene variablers påvirkning på markedskonsentrasjon i dagligvaremarkedet», [Market concentration in Scandinavia: An analyzes of how exogenous factors affect market concentration in Scandinavia, in Norwegian], Marte Drager and Lina Vågene, Spring 2017.

    Fall 2017

    Effektiviseringen i Kiwi som følge av NG-flyt», [«Does the introduction of ‘NG-flyt’ increase Kiwi’s efficiency?, in Norwegian»], Herman Groth Andersen og Espen Pileberg Aahjem

    «Eierform, lønnsomhet og produktivitet i det norske dagligvaremarkedet», [Ownership, profatibility and productivity in the Norwegian grocery market], Anders Torsetnes og Henrik Vilhelmsen

    «Effekten av lojalitetsprogram på norske forbrukere. En empirisk studie om påvirkning av Trippel-Trumf Torsdag på NorgesGruppens kunder», [Effects from loyalty programs for Norwegian grocery consumers: An empirical study of the effects on NorgesGruppen’s customers due to the tripling of bonus points on various Thursdays], Silje Borlaug Skarbø og Bendik Sogn

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