About FOOD

About FOOD

FOOD is a joint five-year research collaboration between NHH and NorgesGruppen (NG) that started in August 2016.

The objective of the collaboration is to generate research and new knowledge on the grocery markets and in particular to provide new knowledge on empirical issues related to market structure, competition and productivity.

Research topics

FOOD aims to initiate research on topics such as:

  • How do we understand new developments in grocery markets both internationally and nationally?
  • How are competition and the market affected by vertical and horizontal market structures? 
  • How have competition and market structure affected the development in productivity and margins in the grocery industry? 
  • How is the grocery industry affected by the new technology in terms of digitalization and new increased data availability?


Through its research FOOD aims to increase the attention on the grocery market both in the research community and in the public domain.

FOOD aims to achieve its goals through several channels:

  • By initiating and publishing new research
  • By initiating master thesis work on relevant topics
  • By increasing the focus on grocery markets for NHH students
  • By writing articles and chronicles and take part in the public debate
  • By organizing conferences and workshops where researchers and industry people meet

FOOD consists of a team of people who are fully or partly devoted to the project. Several professors, PhD candidates and industry people are involved in the project.

FOOD organizes a large annual conference in Oslo each spring in March, where representatives of the industry and researchers meet to share and listen to both academic research and central industry people’s experiences. The first conference, FOOD 2017, gathered more than 300 participants from the industry, academia and regulators.

Through the collaboration with NG, FOOD will initiate and finance smaller research projects on the grocery market. In particular, it initiates and finances a number of master theses on research topics covered by the FOOD project. All master theses, reports and research papers will be published and freely accessible on the FOOD homepage. Chronicles and smaller articles on the grocery market, both with a local and an international focus will also be published on a regular basis on the homepage.