Kjetil Bjorvatn wins lecturer award

24 June 2021 15:05

Kjetil Bjorvatn wins lecturer award

For the second year in a row, professor Kjetil Bjorvatn at FAIR, is awarded the Bronze Sponge for his outstanding effort as a lecturer.

The Student Committee provides the following statement about the decision:

"NHHS and the Student Committee have the honor of presenting the lecturer award on behalf of the bachelor students to Kjetil Bjorvatn for the course SAM2 –Microeconomics.

The recipient of this semester’s Bronze Sponge is described as a skilled presenter who manages to create exciting and diverse lectures.

Bjorvatn is praised for his ability to include relevant examples from real life in his teaching. The students especially value his podcast and his new textbook written specifically for this course. 

There is no doubt that Bjorvatn is a worthy winner of the Bronze Sponge for the spring semester 2021. Congratulations!"


The Bronze Sponge was first awarded in 1972 to share an appreciation for lecturers that in the students’ eyes have made an extraordinary effort at teaching in bachelor courses.