Teaching awards from the NHH students

Teaching awards from the NHH students

Every year, NHH students present an award to lecturers whose teaching stands out from the crowd.


Bronsesvampen (the bronze sponge) is the bachelor students’ lecturer award. It is awarded by the NHH’s Academic Committee to lecturers who have made an extraordinarily good teaching effort.

The elements considered are:

  • general teaching skills
  • the ability to create enthusiasm for and interest in the subject
  • innovation and creativeness in teaching
  • the ability to relate the subject to the business sector and the real world

The Master's Students' Prize for Excellence in Teaching

The student union's academic committee at NHH awards the annual Master Students’ Prize for Excellence in Teaching, which goes to a lecturer at the master’s degree level who has disseminated the subject in an inspiring and educational way.

The criteria dissemination skills, teaching and academic expertise are emphasised when considering the candidates.