Therese Sverdrup

Vice Rector for Innovation and Development Therese Sverdrup

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Strategy and Management
Organisation and Management Teamwork Psychological contract Organizational behavior


Therese E. Sverdrup holds a Master Degree in Organizational Psychology from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), and received her PhD from the department of Strategy and Management at NHH in 2012.

Therese E. Sverdrups professional motivation is to help people cooperate effectively. Her research focuses on leadership, team research, the psychological contract, and collaboration. Sverdrup is part of FOCUS (Future-Oriented Corporate Solutions)-program and the CORE (Cooperation Research)-group at NHH.

She is involved in several of NHHs executive programs, where she teaches team and team leadership as well as organizational psychology topics. Sverdrup also gives lectures to public and private companies on the topics of her research, and contributes to the public debate on her research topics.

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Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Schei, Vidar; Sverdrup, Therese E.; Heiene, Marit; Olsen, Sindre Godvik Virtuell samhandling - Når kaffepausen blir elektronisk Magma - Tidsskrift for økonomi og ledelse (7); page 48 - 60; 2019
Schei, Vidar; Sverdrup, Therese E. Start smart : effektiv oppstart av team Magma - Tidsskrift for økonomi og ledelse Volume 22 (2); page 29 - 39; 2019
Olsen, Karen Modesta; Sverdrup, Therese E.; Kalleberg, Arne L. Turnover and transferable skills in a professional service firm Journal of Professions and Organization Volume 6 (1); page 2 - 16; 2019
Sverdrup, Therese E.; Stensaker, Inger G. Restoring trust in the context of strategic change Strategic Organization Volume 16 (4); page 401 - 428; 2017
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