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Petter Bjerksund is a Professor of Finance and Management Science at NHH, the Norwegian School of Economics. He has a Master of Science degree (siviløkonom) from NHH and received his dr.oecon. degree at NHH in 1990.

His research interests include capital budgeting, investments, financial derivatives, risk management, real options, as well as financial aspects of energy and commodity markets. He has published in academic journals such as Journal of Fixed Income, Financial Management, Quantitative Finance, and Energy Journal. Bjerksund was Head of the Department of Finance and Management Science at NHH from 2002 to 2005.

Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Aase, Knut Kristian; Bjerksund, Petter The Optimal Spending Rate versus the Expected Real Return of a Sovereign Wealth Fund Journal of Risk and Financial Management Volume 14 (9) (35 pages); 2021
Bjerksund, Petter; Stensland, Gunnar Closed form spread option valuation Quantitative finance (Print) Volume 14 (10); page 1785 - 1794; 2014
Bjerksund, Petter; Stensland, Gunnar; Vagstad, Frank Gas Storage Valuation: Price Modelling v. Optimization Methods Energy Journal Volume 32 (1); page 203 - 227; 2011
Bjerksund, Petter; Rasmussen, Heine; Stensland, Gunnar Valuation and Risk Management in the Norwegian Electricity Market Energy Systems; page 167 - 185; 2010
Bjerksund, Petter; Myksvoll, Bjarte; Stensland, Gunnar Exercising flexible load contracts: Two simple strategies Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry Volume 24 (2); page 93 - 107; 2008
Bjerksund, Petter; Stensland, Gunnar; Gjerde, Øystein How to Extend the RiskMetrics™ Market Risk Universe Finansparadigmet; page 145 - 156; 2002
Bjerksund, Petter; Stensland, Gunnar; Brennan, Michael J.; Trigeorgis, Lenos A Self-Enforced Dynamic Contract for Processing of Natural Resources Project Flexibility, Agency, and Competition: New Developments in the Theory and Application of Real Options; page 109 - 127; 1999
Bjerksund, Petter; Schjelderup, Guttorm The political economy of capital controls and tax policy in a small open economy European Journal of Political Economy Volume 14 (3); page 543 - 559; 1998
Bjerksund, Petter; Stensland, Gunnar Utledning av rentens terminstruktur ved "maksimum glatthets"-prinsippet Beta Volume 10 (1); page 2 - 6; 1996
Bjerksund, Petter; Stensland, Gunnar Implementing the Black-Derman-Toy Interest Rate Model Journal of Fixed Income Volume 6 (2); page 67 - 75; 1996
Bjerksund, Petter; Ekern, Steinar Contingent Claims Evaluation of Mean-Reverting Cash Flows in Shipping Real Options in Capital Investment; page 207 - 219; 1995
Bjerksund, Petter; Schjelderup, Guttorm Capital Controls and Capital Flight FinanzArchiv / Public Finance Analysis (FA) Volume 52 (2); page 33 - 42; 1995
Bjerksund, Petter; Stensland, Gunnar An American Call on the Difference of two Assets International Review of Economics and Finance Volume 3 (1); page 1 - 26; 1994
Bjerksund, Petter; Stensland, Gunnar American Exchange Options and a Put-Call Transformation: A Note Journal of Business Finance & Accounting Volume 20 (5); page 761 - 764; 1993
Bjerksund, Petter; Stensland, Gunnar Closed Form Approximation of American Options Scandinavian Journal of Management Volume 9; page S87 - S99; 1993
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