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Professor Ola Honningdal Grytten

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Ola Honningdal Grytten (born in 1964) is a professor in economic history. He has his doctorate from the Norwegian School of Economics (1994),where he was appointed Associate Professor in 1994 and Professor in 1999. He has been visiting academic in universities in the Netherlands, Canada, the UK and Eastern Europe.

He has also served as editor-in-chief for the Scandinavian Economic History Review and as senior adviser for the Norwegian central bank (Norges Bank). Grytten has published research papers extensively in domestic and international scientific journals, and has been author and- co-author of 15 books.

His major fields of research are macroeconomic history, financial history, historical entrepreneurship and labour market history.

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Selected publications

Author(s) Title Publisher
Grytten, Ola Honningdal; Minde, Kjell Bjørn; Lindmark, Magnus The wealth of nations and sustainable development: energy intensity and the environmental Kuznets curve Environmental Economics Volume 1 (1); page 110 - 123; 2020
Grytten, Ola Honningdal Revising price history: consumer price index for Norway 1492–2018 Scandinavian Economic History Review Volume 68 (2); page 129 - 144; 2020
Koilo, Viktoriia; Grytten, Ola Honningdal Maritime Financial Instability and Supply Chain Management Effects Problems and Perspectives in Management Volume 17 (4); page 62 - 79; 2019
Grytten, Ola Honningdal; Koilo, Viktoriia Financial instability, institutional development and economic crisis in Eastern Europe Investment Management and Financial Innovations Volume 16 (3); page 167 - 181; 2019
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Crashes and Crises, Economic History of Norway