Karen Sæbbø Osmundsen

Associate Professor Karen Sæbbø Osmundsen

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Strategy and Management
Digital Business


Karen S. Osmundsen is an Associate Professor in Information Systems at the Department of Strategy and Management and the Digital Business research group at the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). Her research interests include the socio-technical aspects of digitalization and digital transformation, including the requirements and implications for incumbent firms and the effects on employees and their roles. Here research also revolves around digital twins and digital platform ecosystems.

In her PhD thesis, which was defended in September 2021, she explored how incumbent firms could involve their employees in their digital transformations.

Karen’s teaching experience is centered around courses such as STR462 Applied Digitalization (master), STR453 Digitalization (master), Digital Management (NHH Executive), SOL18 Digital Business Understanding (bachelor), and SOL11 Project Management. She is also course responsible for the module “Leading in the Digital Age” in the ENGAGE.EU Joint Program in Digital Transformation.

Karen holds an MSc from NHH and a BSc from the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL). In between degrees and PhD, she has gained work experience from different industries – including the shipping industry and working as a consultant within Strategy & Operations at Deloitte.

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Selected publications

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