Previous faculty seminars

Previous faculty seminars

Overview of previous faculty seminars at the Department of Economics.

  • Autumn 2023

    Autumn 2023

    Wed. 20 Sept 2023. 14:15-15:30
    Estelle Cantillon, Université libre de Bruxelles
    The Benefits and Costs of Information: Evidence from the New Zealand Wholesale Electricity Market

    Wed. 27 Sept 2023. 14:15-15:30
    Pontus Rendahl, Copenhagen Business School
    Ramsey Taxation in Frictional Labour Markets

    Wed. 04 Oct 2023. 14:15-15:30
    Marco Manacorda, Queen Mary University of London
    Mobile Internet and the Rise of Communitarian Politics in Europe

    Wed. 01 Nov 2023. 14:15-15:30
    Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln, Goethe University Frankfurt
    Does the Gender Composition of an Occupation Affect Wages?

    Wed. 29 Sept 2023. 14:15-15:30
    Natalia Fabra, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
    Storage and Renewable Energies: Friends or Foe?

  • Spring 2023

    Spring 2023

    Wed. 08. March 2023. 14:15-15:30
    Tommaso Valletti, Imperial College London
    Political Power and Market Power

    Wed. 29. March 2023. 14:15-15:30
    Rahul Deb, University of Toronto
    Which Wage Distributions are Consistent with Statistical Discrimination?

    Wed. 19. April 2023. 14:15-15:30
    Kory Kroft, University of Toronto
    An Empirical Framework for Matching with Imperfect Competition

    Wed. 03. May 2023. 14:15-15:30
    Botond Kőszegi, Central European University
    Understanding Markets with Socially Responsible Consumers

    Wed. 31. May 2023. 14:15-15:30
    Kirill Borusyak, University College London
    Understanding Migration Responses to Local Shocks

  • Autumn 2022

    Autumn 2022

    Wed. 09. September 2022. 14:15-15:30
    Anna Stansbury, MIT Sloan
    Better Labor Market Options Reduce Workplace Injuries

    Wed. 21. September 2022. 14:15-15:30
    Ran Spiegler, Tel Aviv University and University College London
    Representative Sampling Equilibrium

    Wed. 28. September 2022. 14:15-15:30
    Daniel le Maire, University of Copenhagen
    Eclipse of Rent-Sharing: The Effects of Managers' Business Education on Wages and the Labor Share in the US and Denmark

    Wed. 26. October 2022. 14:15-15:30
    Andreas Kostøl, SU WP Carey Shool of Business
    (Avoiding) Layoff Costs and Precautionary Job Search

    Wed. 16. November 2022. 14:15-15:30
    Vincent Sterk, Aix-Marseille University
    Monetary Policy During a Cost-of-Living Crisis

  • Spring 2022

    Spring 2022

    Wed. 09. March 2022. 13:45-15
    Jan Eeckhout, UPF Barcelona (ICREA-GSE).
    Are Managers Paid for Market Power?

    Wed. 30. March 2022. 14:15-15:30.
    Andrea Prat, Columbia University.
    Political Power and Market Power

    Wed. 4. May 2022. 14:15-15:30
    Alexandre Mas, Princeton University.
    Work Hours Mismatch

    Wed. 1. June 2022. 14:15-15:30
    Kfir Eliaz, The Eitan Berglas School of Economics.
    False Narratives and Political Mobilization

  • Autumn 2021

    Autumn 2021

    Wed. 15. Sept. 14:15-15:30
    Seema Jayachandran, Northwestern University
    Reshaping Adolescents' Gender Attitudes: Evidence from a School-Based Experiment in India

    Wed. 6. Oct. 14:15-15:30
    Espen Rasmus Moen, BI
    The Equilibrium Worker-Firm Allocation and the Deadweight Losses of Taxation

  • Spring 2021

    Spring 2021

    Wed. 24. April. 14:15-15:30
    Karen Helene Ulltveit-Moe, UIO
    Trade From Space: Shipping Networks and The Global Implications of Local Shocks

  • Autumn 2020

    Autumn 2020

    Wed. 14. October. 14:15-15:30
    Anna Salomons, Utrecht University
    New Frontiers: The Origins and Content of New York, 1940-2018

  • Spring 2020

    Spring 2020

    Wed. 3. June 14:15-15:30
    Marco Tabellini, Harvard Business School
    The Seeds of Ideology: Historical Immigration and Political Preferences in the United States 


  • Autumn 2019

    Autumn 2019

    Wed 11. Sep 14:15-15:30 E209/E210
    Lise Vesterlund, University of Pittsburgh
    Gender Differences in Negotiation: Dialing up or Down?

    Wed 18. Sep 14:15-15:30 E209/E210
    Stephen J. Terry, Boston University
    Real Credit Cycles

    Wed 2. Oct 14:15-15:30 E209/E210
    Hans K. Hvide, University of Bergen
    Do Temporary Demand Shocks have Long-Term Effects for Startups?

    Wed 30. Oct 14:15-15:30 E209/E210
    Akos Valentinyi, University of Manchester
    Structural Change in Investment and Consumption - A Unified Analysis

  • Spring 2019

    Spring 2019

    Wed 13. March 14:15-15:30
    Mikael Carlsson, Uppsala University
    Dispersion Over the Business Cycle: Productivity versus Demand

    Wed 20. March 14:15-15:30
    Katherine Meckel, University of California San Diego
    Cigarette Taxes, Mental Health, and Mortality Outcomes

    Wed. 23. April 14:15-15:30
    David McKenzie, The World Bank

    Wed 22. May 14:15-15:30
    Rema Hanna, Harvard Kennedy School
    The challenges of universal health insurance in developing countries: Evidence from a large-scale randomized experiment in Indonesia

  • Autumn 2018

    Autumn 2018

    Wed. 12. Sept. 14:15-15:30
    Yan Chen, University of Michigan 
    Information Acquisition and Provision in School Choice: An Experimental Study

     Wed. 26. Sept, 14:15-15:30 
    Marco Francesconi, University of Essex
    Belief Updating and Information Provision: Evidence from Pension Reforms

    Wed. 3. Oct, 14:15-15:30
    Mikael Lindahl, University of Gothenburg
    The importance of nature-nurture interactions in skill formation: Evidence from a large sample of adoptees

    Wed 14. Nov, 14:15-15:30
    Kjetil Storesletten, University of Oslo
    Barriers to Entry and Regional Economic Growth in China

    Wed.12 Dec, 15:00-16:45
    Imran Rasul, University College London
    The Mechanics of Job Search: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Uganda

  • Spring 2018

    Spring 2018

    Wed 17 Jan 14:15-15:30
    Øyvind Thomassen, Seoul National University
    Price Discrimination and Shopping Costs

    Thur 22 March 11:00-11:45
    Michael GasiorekUniversity of Sussex
    An update on Brexit

    Wed 18 April 14:15-15:30
    Christopher A. Neilson, Princeton University
    The Equilibrium Effects of Informed School Choice

    Wed 25 April 14:15-15:30
    Anna Sanktjohanser, Toulouse School of Economics
    Endogenous Monitoring in a Partnership Game

    Wed 2 May 14:15-15:30
    Martha Bailey, UCLA
    Prep School for Poor Kids: The long-run impacts of head start on human capital and economic self-sufficiency

    Wed 9 May 14:15-15:30
    Kjetil Storesletten, University of Oslo
    Sovereign Debt and Structural Reforms

    Wed 13 June, 14:15-15:30 
    Andreas Fagereng, SSB
    MPC Heterogeneity and Household Balance Sheets 

    Mon 25 June, 10.15-11.30
    Ian Crawford, University of Oxford
    Modelling Individual Labour Supply using Random Fields

    Wed 27 June, 14:15-15:30
    Chad Syverson, University of Chicago
    How Wide Is the Firm Border?

  • Autumn 2017

    Autumn 2017

    Wed 16 Aug 14:15-15:30
    Matthew Rabin, Harvard University
    Biased Beliefs About Random Samples: Evidence from Two Integrated Experiments  

    Wed 30 Aug 14:15-15:30
    Svein Gjedrem, Professor II NHH
    Hvem skal forvalte oljefondet? Ny lov om Norges Bank  

    Wed 13 Sep 14:15-15:30
    Paul Heidhues, Düseldorf Institute for Competition Economics
    Unrealistic expectations and misguided learning  

    Wed 27. Sep 14:15-15:30
    Cezar Santos, EPGE-FGV, Brazil
    Family Planning and Development: Aggregate Effects of Contraceptive Use

    Wed 18 Oct 14:15-15:30
    Edward Miguel, UC Berkeley
    Reevaluating agricultural productivity gaps with longitudinal microdata

    Wed 25 Oct 14:15-15:30
    Neil Cummins, London School of Economics
    The Big Sort: Selective Migration and the Decline of Northern England, 1800-2017  

    Wed 15 Nov 14:15-15:30
    Tim Hatton, University of Essex
    Atmospheric Pollution, Health and Height in Late Nineteenth Century Britain  

    Wed 13 Dec 14:15-15:30
    Philipp Strack, UC Berkeley
    Turning Up the Heat: The Demoralizing Effect of Competition in Contests

  • Spring 2017

    Spring 2017

    Wed 22 Mar 2017 14:15-15:30
    Tore Ellingsen, Stockholm School of Economics
    Curing Macroeconomic Crises: Avoiding the Overdose

    Wed 29 Mar 2017 14:15-15:30
    Simon Galle, BI  (joint seminar with TCL)
    Competition, Financial Constraints and Misallocation: Plant-Level Evidence from Indian Manufacturing

    Wed 19 Apr 2017 14:15-15:30
    Hans Hvide, University of Bergen
    University Innovation and the Professor’s Privilege 

    Wed 26 Apr 2017 14:15-15:30
    Gregory Clark, University of California-Davis
    Estimating Social Mobility Rates from Surnames: Social Group or Dynastic Transmission versus Family Effects

    Wed 31 May 2017 14:15-15:30
    William Fuchs, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley
    Optimal Arrangements for Distribution in Developing Markets: Theory and Evidence

    Wed 7 June 2017 14:15-15:30
    Andreas Fagereng, SSB
    Heterogeneity and Persistence in Returns to Wealth

    Wed 21 June 2017 10:15-11:30
    David Neumark, University of California-Irvine
    The long-term effects of anti-poverty policies


  • Autumn 2016

    Autumn 2016

    Wed 10 Aug 14:15-15:30
    Ori Heffetz, Cornell University
    "Expectations and the Endowment Effect"

    Wed 31 Aug 14:15-15:30
    Jeanine Miklas-Thal, University of Rochester
    "Making Sense of Restrictions on Online Sales"

    Wed 28 Sep 14:15-15:30
    Mushfiq Mobarak, Yale School of Management
    "Effects of Migration on Rural Labor Markets"

    Wed 12 Oct 14:15-15:30
    Armin Falk, University of Bonn
    "The Nature and Predictive Power of Preferences: Global Evidence"

    Wed 19 Oct 14:15-15:30
    Rocco Macchiavello, University of Warwick

    Wed 26 Oct 14:15-15:30
    Joe Harrington, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
    "Coordination on List Prices and Collusion in Negotiated Prices"

  • Spring 2016

    Spring 2016

    Wed 20 Jan 1415-1530 E209/E210
    Mar Reguant, Northwestern University
    "Using high-frequency interval meter data to evaluate energy efficiency investments in schools"

    Wed 30 Mar 1415-1530 E209/E210
    Ryan Kellogg, University of Michigan
    "Durable Goods Demand and the Rationality of Consumers' Price Expectations: Evidence from Gasoline and Diesel"

    Wed 6 Apr 1415-1530 E209/E210
    Ali Yurukoglu, Stanford GSB Economics
    "The Welfare Effects of Vertical Integration in Multichannel Television Markets"

    Wed 27 Apr 1415-1530 E209/E210
    Klaus Schmidt, LMU Munich
    "Auctions vs. Negotiations: The Eff ects of Inefficient Renegotiation"

    Wed 4 May 1415-1530 E209/E210
    Robert Gibbons, MIT Economics
    "Promises, Promises: Why Organizations Are Dysfunctional (and What Economists Might Do About It)"

    Wed 25 May 1415-1530 E209/E210
    Bradley Shapiro, University of Chicago
    "Informational Shocks, Off-Label Prescribing and the Effects of Physician Detailing"

    Wed 1 Jun 1415-1530 E209/E210
    Chad Syverson, University of Chicago
    "Sales Force and Competition in Financial Product Markets: The Case of Mexico’s Social Security Privatization"

    Wed 8 Jun 1415-1530 E209/E210
    Pascaline Dupas, Stanford University
    "Targeting Technology Adoption Subsidies: Mechanisms"

    Wed 22 Jun 1415-1530 E209/E210
    Ayelet Gneezy, University of California, San Diego
    "Understanding & Overcoming Donors' Overhead Aversion" Joint seminar with the Choice Lab

  • Autumn 2015

    Autumn 2015

    Wed 19 Aug. 1415-1530 E209/E210
    Magne Mogstad, University of Chicago
    "Disability Benefits, Consumption Insurance, and Household Labor Supply"

    Wed 9 Sep. 1415-1530 E209/E210
    Alexander W. Cappelen, NHH
    "NHH Are Americans more meritocratic and efficiency seeking than Scandinavians?"

    Wed 16 Sep. 1415-1530 E209/E210
    Francesco Caselli, London School of Economics
    "Power Struggles and the Natural Resource Curse"

    Fri 25 Sep. 1115-1215 E209/E210
    Morten Ravn, London School of Economics
    "Job Uncertainty and Deep Recessions"

    Wed 14 Oct. 1415-1530 Karl Borch auditorium
    Matthias Sutter, University of Cologne
    "The development of cooperation, coordination and social Preferences"

    Wed 28 Oct. 1415-1530 E209/E210
    Mathieu Parenti, Université catholique de Louvain
    "Knocking on Tax Haven's Door: Multinational firms and transfer pricing"

    Wed 18 Nov. 1415-1530 E209/E210
    Malin Arve, NHH
    "NHH Dynamic procurement under uncertainty: optimal design and implications for renegotiation"

    Wed 16 Dec. 1415-1530 E209/E210
    John Rust, Georgetown University
    "Precommitments for Financial Self-Control? Micro Evidence from the 2003 Korean Credit Crisis"

  • Spring 2015

    Spring 2015

    Wed 14 Jan, 1215-1330 Meeting room E209
    Jonas Hjort, Columbia University
    "Firms' response and unintended health consequences of industrial regulations"

    Wed 11 Mar, 1415-1530 Meeting room E209
    Jan I. Haaland, NHH
    "Optimal trade policy with monopolistic competition and heterogeneous firms"

    Wed 15 Apr, 1415-1530 Meeting room E209
    Marco Francesconi, University of Essex
    "The Cost of Binge Drinking"

    Wed 22 Apr, 1415-1530 Meeting room E209
    Andreas Moxnes, University of Oslo
    "Production Networks, Geography and Firm Performance"

    Wed 29 Apr, 1415-1530 Meeting room E209
    Gabriella Conti, University College London
    "Health Insurance and Children’s Health: Evidence from Mexico"

    Mon 4 May, 1500-1615, Meeting room E209
    Fabien Postel-Vinay, University College London
    "Multidimensional Skills, Sorting, and Human Capital Accumulation"

    Wed 13 May, 1415-1530*, Meeting room E209
    Joel Watson, UC San Diego
    "Flavors of Perfect Bayesian Equilibrium"

    Wed 20 May, 1415-1530, Meeting room E209
    Eric Verhoogen, Columbia University
    "Organizational Barriers to Technology Adoption: Evidence from Soccer-Ball Producers in Pakistan"

    Wed 27 May, 1415-1530** Meeting room E209
    Lise Vesterlund, University of Pittsburgh
    "Why do people give? Testing motives for giving"

    Mon 15 Jun, 1415-1530, Meeting room E209
    Jesus Crespo Cuaresma, Vienna University of Economics and Business
    "New Approaches to Assessing Covariate Jointness in Cross-Country Growth Regressions"

    Wed 24 Jun, 1415-1530, Meeting room E209
    Björn Bartling, University of Zurich
    "Social Norms and the Replacement Logic"

  • Autumn 2014

    Autumn 2014

    Wed 20 Aug, 1415-1530 Auditorium B
    Joshua D. Angrist, MIT
    "In a Small Moment: Class Size and Moral Hazard in the Mezzogiorno"

    Wed 27 Aug, 1415-1530 E209/E210
    Mathias Kifmann, University of Hamburg
    "The Political Sustainability of a Basic Income Scheme and Social Health Insurance"

    Wed 3 Sep, 1415-1530* E209/E210
    Finn E. Kydland, UC Santa Barbara
    "Mortgages and monetary policy"

    Mon 15 Sep, 1430-1545 E209/E210
    Adriana Lleras-Muney, UCLA
    "The lifetime impacts of recessions and the role of government"

    Tue 23 Sep, 1415-1530 E209/E210
    Aaron S. Edlin, UC Berkeley
    "Conservatism and Switcher's Curse"

    Wed 8 Oct, 1415-1530 E209/E210
    Jakob Svensson, Stockholm University
    "The Market for (Fake) Antimalarial Medicine: Evidence from Uganda"

    Wed 15 Oct, 1415-1530 Auditorium Karl Borch
    Uri Gneezy, UC San Diego
    "Avoiding Overhead Aversion in Charity"

    Wed 22 Oct, 1415-1530 E209/E210
    Shachar Kariv, UC Berkeley
    "The Distributional Preferences of Americans"

    Wed 29 Oct, 1415-1530 E209/E210
    Steve Machin, University College London
    "The Changing Returns to Crime: Do Criminals Respond to Prices?"

    Wed 5 Nov, 1415-1530 E209/E210
    Roland Hodler, University of St. Gallen
    "Aid on Demand: The Allocation of China's Foreign Assistance at the Subnational Level"

    Wed 12 Nov, 1415-1530 E209/E210
    Helmuth Cremer, University of Toulouse
    "Household bargaining and the design of couples’income taxation"

    Wed 26 Nov, 1415-1530 E209/E210
    Sissel Jensen, NHH
    "Breaking the Glass Ceiling? The Effect of Board Quotas on Female Labor Market Outcomes in Norway"

    Wed 3 Dec, 1415-1530 E209/E210
    Salvatore Piccolo, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (Milan)
    "Non-exclusive financial advice"

    * Joint with Department of Finance.

  • Spring 2014

    Spring 2014

    Wed 5 Febr, 1415-1530 E209/E210
    Mads Greaker, SSB
    "Limiting carbon leakage: A case for green strategic trade policy?"

    Wed 12 Febr, 1415-1530 E209/E210
    Jérôme Adda, European University Institute (Florence)
    "Crime and the Depenalization of Cannabis Possession: Evidence from a Policing Experiment"

    Wed 5 Mar, 1415-1530 E209/E210
    Kjell G. Salvanes, NHH
    "Does Grief Transfer across Generations? Bereavements during Pregnancy and Child Outcomes"

    Wed 19 Mar, 1415-1530 E209/E210
    Peter Neary, University of Oxford
    "Not so demanding: preference structure, firm behavior, and welfare"

    Wed 26 Mar, 1415-1530 E209/E210
    Andrea Weber, Universität Mannheim
    "Coworkers, Networks, and Job Search Outcomes"

    Wed 2 Apr, 1415-1530 E209/E210
    Till Requate, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel
    "Asymmetry Enhances Success Chances for International Climate Change Negotiations"

    Wed 23 Apr, 1415-1530
    Katrine Vellesen Løken, University of Bergen
    Sandmo Junior Lecture:
    "Single mothers and their children: evaluating a work-encouraging welfare reform."

    Wed 30 Apr, 1415-1530 E209/E210
    Erlend Berg, University of Bristol
    "Motivating Knowledge Agents: Can Incentive Pay Overcome Social Distance?"

    Wed 7 May, 1415-1530 E209/E210
    Robert Lensink, University of Groningen
    "Business Training and Intertemporal Consumption: Experimental Evidence from Vietnam"

    Thu, 15 May, 1415-1530 E209/E210
    Bård Harstad, University of Oslo
    "Private Politics and Public Regulation"

    Wed 21 May, 1415-1530 E209/E210
    Jesus Crespo-Cuaresma, Vienna University and NHH
    "Deforestation, Development and Borders"

    Wed 28 May, 1415-1530 E209/E210
    Björn Bartling, University of Zurich
    "Let the Market Decide: An Experimental Study of Competition and Fairness"

    Wed 4 June, 1415-1530 E209/E210
    Orazio Attanasio, University College London
    "Estimating the production function for human capital: Evidence from a randomized control trial in Colombia"