The NHH Board

The NHH Board

NHH's main governing body.

The Board is responsible for strategy development, resource allocation, reporting performance and ensuring that the institution runs effectively within the guidelines provided by the Norwegian government.

The board has eleven members:

  • A Chairperson appointed by the Ministry of Education and Research
  • Three external members appointed by the Ministry of Education and Research
  • four faculty members elected from within the faculty at NHH, with three representing tenured faculty and one representing non-tenured faculty
  • one representative from the administrative staff elected by his or her colleagues
  • two student members elected by the students

Board members 2021 - 2025

Both board meetings and most of the board's documents are in Norwegian. There are links to recent documents on the Norwegian language page.

If you have questions about documents: Please contact Section for Digitalisation and Records Management

The board meets 7-8 times a year.