Mathematics for Decisions

TECH4 Mathematics for Decisions

Vår 2024

Høst 2024
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    Upon course completion, the candidate will be able to:


    • Acquire knowledge of various optimization techniques.
    • Gain proficiency in problem formulation and modeling techniques for real-world decision-making scenarios.
    • Learn the basics of decision analysis and risk management to make informed decisions under uncertainty.


    • Build practical mathematical models for decision-making.
    • Use relevant software tools and programming languages for solving optimization problems (Python).
    • Interpret and apply model results for improved decision-making.

    General competences

    • Apply mathematical and statistical methods in various decision situations related to economics and business administration.
    • Use mathematical and statistical methods independently in various decision situations.
    • Effectively convey the research findings to both experts and non-experts in a clear, concise, and rigorous manner, aiming to offer valuable business insights to a diverse audience