Mathematics for Decisions

TECH4 Mathematics for Decisions

Autumn 2024

  • Topics

    Firms seek to allocate resources and plan activities in order to create value for stakeholders, given an increasingly complex and uncertain environment. Mathematics and information technology are becoming more important as tools to support decisions.

    Mathematics for decisions will address the following questions:

    • How can we build mathematical models for decision making in a given practical setting?
    • How can we use computer tools to solve and analyze the models numerically?
    • How can we use the model results for improved decision making?

    The course will use methods from mathematics and statistics, and they will be applied to a wide range of decision situations that are related to courses in economics and business administration.

    Mathematical theory/methods and numerical implementation via Python-based tools, such as Pyomo or GurobiPy, will be taught in parallel. 

    The teaching will be problem-based, where models are developed from practical situations, and theory/methods are covered when suitable.


ECTS Credits

Autumn. Will be offered autumn 2025.