Getting started as a new PhD candidate

Getting started as a new PhD candidate

We are excited to have you joining us at NHH, and we hope that your time in Bergen will be both fruitful an enjoyable. We hope that our resources, programmes and opportunities will help you become an accomplished, productive and successful PhD candidate.

During your time as a PhD candidate at NHH, you will have access to a range of resources for your support. Supervisors, technical and administrative staff, fellow PhD candidates and fellow researchers in your department will be your colleagues and support. The administrative staff at NHH will help you with the important practical issues relating to your doctoral training, and will be important contacts for you in the course of your studies.

As a new PhD candidate/PhD research scholar there are several issues that we would like to bring your attention to. 

You will find a host of information about various practicalities relevant to all new employees on our on-boarding page. Information specifically relevant for the PhD candidates/PhD research scholars lists below:

  • Introductory events

    Introductory events

    • Briefing session at your department of affiliation medio August.
    • Welcome and reception hosted by the Rector medio August.  
    • Information meeting and welcome dinner hosted by the section for doctoral education medio/ultimo August.  
  • PhD pre-courses

    PhD pre-courses

    Preparatory courses in mathematics and statistics are taught early or mid-August, in prior to the start of the fall semester. The courses are in particular recommended for PhD candidates enrolled at the Departments of Business and Management Science, Economics, and Finance.

    The aim of the pre-courses is to review fundamental concepts of mathematics and statistics applied at PhD level courses. Details for these courses will become available at the end of the spring semester.  

  • Title and affiliation

    Title and affiliation

    • NHH PhD Research Scholar: NHH uses the title Research Scholars for PhD candidates, who are employed by the school. As long as you receive a salary from the school, you should present yourself in formal contexts, internally and externally, as a NHH PhD Research Scholar.
    • NHH PhD candidate: When a PhD candidate is not/ no longer employed by NHH.
    • Affiliation: for both PhD research scholars and PhD candidates, NHH should be stated as the affiliation on publications, conference participation, in media appearances etc. Please note that the affiliation does not change even if you are staying at other institutions for shorter or longer periods.
  • Work requirements at the department

    Work requirements at the department

    If you are titled a PhD Research Scholar, your employment contract includes a 25% work requirements as a teaching and/or research assistant. The department will coordinate this work, and at the start of each semester you will receive information about the work you will perform, and whom you will be assisting.

    Normally, this work requirement is concentrated to specific semesters during your contract, meaning that you will not be a teaching and/or research assistant every semester. The 25% requirement amounts to a total of 1 733 hours during your whole contract period.

  • Attendance at seminars and workshops

    Attendance at seminars and workshops

    The PhD programme recommends the PhD research scholars/candidates to attend departmental seminars and workshops. The departments invite internal and external national and international guest speakers to present in the departmental seminar series.

    The departments arrange for faculty members, including PhD research scholars/candidates, to meet with the guest speakers.

    The PhD research scholars/candidates are expected to attend and present their research at a variety of more or less regular seminars and workshops. These occasions will enable the PhD research scholars/candidates to gain valuable feedback from peers.

    Your supervisor may also suggest that you submit papers for presentation at national and international workshops and conferences. Please note that conference attendance should be agreed upon with your supervisor in advance. 

The PhD Association and Buddy Programme

NHHdoc is the association for PhD research scholars/candidates affiliated with NHH. NHHdoc works to provide a platform for professional, social and cultural exchange across departments and research centres at NHH.

To help you settle in at NHH, NHHdoc administers a buddy programme where you are assigned a buddy among current PhD research scholars/candidates.

The buddy will be an informal point of contact who can answer questions about life as a PhD research scholar/candidate at NHH and in Bergen and share their experience.

If you would like to be assigned a buddy, please do not hesitate to send an email to