Ethics courses

Starting in 2015, all students in the master's programme are required to select at least 2.5 ECTS from the courses designated "Ethics".

Depending on which ethics course you choose, it can be part of your major, your minor (international degree students are not required to have a minor) or your elective courses. Please see the course description for further details. 

It is also possible to take a 2.5 ECTS ethics course as an addition to the other course requirements, in which case the master degree will add to 122.5 ECTS.

If your ethics course is a part of your major, minor or as an elective in your study plan, you will receive a notification on StudentWeb that you are missing an ethics course.

You can disregard this message as the requirement for the ethics course has been met, regardless of which category it falls under in your education plan.