Danish Salling Group invests in solar systems worth billions

Solar panels. Illustration photo: Nuno Marques/unsplash.com
Illustration photo: Nuno Marques/unsplash.com
By Reidar Molthe

30 September 2022 10:57

Danish Salling Group invests in solar systems worth billions

The goal is for solar energy to cover at least 25 percent of Salling Group's energy consumption in 2028.

The energy crisis in Europe is due to many factors, but not least to lack of strategic planning among politicians and top civil servants in EU and EEA, many claim.

Anyway, the energy crisis is now triggering creative solutions in many business quarters – aiming to reduce the costs of galloping energy prices. It seems Danish Salling Group has come a long way – at least in the planning process.

570 Solar systems

The group is in the process of establishing 570 solar systems in shops, warehouses and head offices, where the heat is already turned down and lights and coolers are turned off in order to reduce energy consumption and costs.

The installation of solar cells is in full swing and already before the end of 2022, a total of 139 solar cell systems will be in operation, corresponding to a production of 9.3 GWh, according to a press release from the Salling Group.

Two per cent of total consumption

“We have set full speed on the rollout and implementation of energy and electricity-saving efforts, which help us to lower our electricity consumption and the cost, which has increased explosively this year. That is why we are very satisfied that in just nine months we have succeeded in installing solar systems that can produce two per cent. of our total electricity consumption. Over the next few years, the share will increase significantly,” says CSR director at Salling Group, Henrik Vinther Olesen.

Poland in front

Of the 139 solar systems that will be installed in 2022, most are on Polish Netto’s, while in Denmark there are two Bilka stores, three Føtex stores and a warehouse.

Salling Group invests in green energy for a total of DKK 2.5 billion in the coming five years. The investments involve the purchase of new heat pumps, cooling and freezing elements, installation of doors on all existing refrigerated display cases, in addition to the installation of solar cells as mentioned above.

Specifically, the investment of 2.5 billion goes to lower energy consumption and produce green energy across the Salling Group's three markets.

  • Electrically driven heat pumps replace oil and gas-driven heat sources in 750 stores.
  • Installation of solar cells on a total of 570 existing Fötex, Bilka and Netto stores.
  • Integration of solar cells on all future construction; new shops and warehouses.
  • Installation of doors on existing refrigeration and freezer in all stores.
  • Other energy-reducing measures such as replacement for LED or new types of LED in shops that have already replaced their light sources in the past.

Source: Salling Group, Retail News.

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