Denmark: Rema 1000 most sustainable

Danish Rema-store. Photo: Deanspictures/Dreamstime
Rema 1000 is now perceived as the most sustainable brand in Denmark, new research shows. Photo: Deanspictures/Dreamstime
By Reidar Molthe

16 March 2021 07:00

Denmark: Rema 1000 most sustainable

Rema 1000 is now perceived as the most sustainable brand in Denmark, new research shows. For the past three years, the grocery group Coop has been the most sustainable brand in Denmark. Now it is Rema.

This year, the Danes have pointed to Rema 1000 as the leading brand within sustainability in the Danish market, writes RetailNews.

The survey was conducted by the Swedish company SB Insight. SB Insight is coming out in Denmark for the ninth year in a row.

In recent years, Rema 1000 has climbed steadily up the list and now takes first place. It is not bad of a Norwegian company based in Trondheim, after all, from Copenhagen probably resembling a small and provincial town in the middle of Norway.

Rema 1000 best on communication

The respondents in the survey do not directly answer why they perceive Rema 1000 as the most sustainable company. But according to the SB Insight, the grocery chain has been able to communicate simple and concrete initiatives that are connected to the experience you get when you shop in the stores.

“Rema 1000 wins because the chain has a long-term focus on sustainability and has been consistent in its communication of few but relevant areas, such as food waste for example,” says Erik Elvingsson Hedén, general manager and founder of Sustainable Brand Index.

Hedén also points to initiatives within animal welfare, ecology, packaging and health, where Rema 1000 has made its mark. He highlights that Rema 1000, for example, owns half of Denmark's largest organic farm, Gram Slot, and collaborates with Plastik Change to reduce and change to circular use of plastic.

On the list of the most sustainable brands, Aarstiderne takes second place, while Lego is number three.

Top ten in Denmark

  • Rema 1000
  • Aarstiderne (Eco farming)
  • Lego
  • Coop
  • Thise (Eco dairy)
  • SuperBrugsen
  • Arla
  • Friland (Eco meat production)
  • Ikea
  • Tesla

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