Danish Coop opens new discount chain concept

Fakta store inn Denmark. Photo. Stine Fiig/Coop
Coop Denmark plans to rebuild 13 Fakta stores to Coop 365, a new test concept. The Coop 365 stores are larger than Coop's current discount stores and lists approximately 700 more products. Photo: Stine Fiig/Coop
By Reidar Molthe

2 September 2020 09:33

Danish Coop opens new discount chain concept

Coop is rebuilding 13 of its Fakta stores, which in future will be called Coop 365. The ambition is to take market shares from Lidl and Rema 1000.

In the long run this can pave the way for a completely new discount chain at Coop, writes www.finands.dk – a business magazine.  Executive Vice President Jens Visholm tells that Coop 365 - is a test of a new store format between traditional discount stores and supermarkets.  The test stores lists for example 700 more products than usually at a discount store in Denmark.

“In the coming months, we will have customers' reactions in the cities where the stores are. Then we are ready to assess the basis for the future ‘low-price supermarket’,” says Jens Visholm.

Coop's initiative is an attempt to catch up with the other competitors within discount - including Netto, Rema 1000 and Lidl, which have opened stores in recent years, while Fakta, on the other hand, has closed stores.

The new stores will spread throughout the country, basically in larger towns. At the beginning of 2021 Coop will decide whether more of the 350 Fakta stores or other of the Group's stores will be transformed into Coop 365.

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