is Denmark's best online supermarket

Online groceries, Illustration:  Arturs Budkevics
By Reidar Molthe

13 September 2019 12:18 is Denmark's best online supermarket

RetailNews, a retail business site, in Denmark, have tested four supermarket websites on design, usability, credibility, inspiration and content. The conclusion of RetailNews is that is the best online supermarket in Denmark.

Today, most Danish grocery chains have an associated online supermarket, and the industry is growing rapidly (from a low level).

An obvious question becomes which digital supermarket offers the best user experience?

RetailNews, in collaboration with the analysis companies UserGap and Novicell, has set out to investigate just that.

Four online supermarkets

Four online supermarkets were included in the survey,,, and All test subjects were asked to tell about their first impression of the website and then to perform three tasks on three websites - and finally to assess how good the user experience was.

The website that gives the best first impression is, while the website that is most disappointing in relation to expectations is

The overall winner of the test is however, who wins on design, ease of use and inspiration. The overall loser is Osuma.

The analysis shows that all four websites are well-established that welcome customers - and which both can accept new customers and adapt to returning customers.

However, many of the websites have been operational for many years, which results in somewhat more challenging user interaction on their WEB-platforms.

This is primarily based on functional deficiencies, poor mobile impressions and technical "errors", which for most people, however, are easy to correct.

The winners have a simpler and ‘easier to understand’ structure.

Proud winners in

"Being voted Denmark's best online supermarket makes us very proud and happy, but also humble about the trust we have built towards our many customers," says Stefan Plenge, CEO and founder of to RetailNews.

Five dimensions of the online stores were evaluated:

1. Design

Worst: Osuma

2. Ease of use   

Worst: Rema 1000

3. Credibility     

Best: Coop                         
Worst: Osuma

4. Inspiration    

Worst: Osuma

5. Contents       

Best: Coop                         
Worst: Osuma/Rema 1000

In total the test was performed by a gender balanced panel of 252 test subjects.

Stefan Plenge from is especially pleased with the top score in inspiration and ease of use.

"It is fantastic that consumers reward us for being the most inspiring and user-friendly online supermarket in Denmark. These are two areas that we are constantly working to improve on, and where one of our great successes is the exciting recipe universe, where you get good inspiration to find exactly what you want," he says.

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