Hiring new Pre-Doctoral Fellows at FAIR

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7 January 2024 12:01

Hiring new Pre-Doctoral Fellows at FAIR

We invite applications for the position of four pre-doctoral fellows at FAIR at the Department of Economics at The Norwegian School of Economics. The Centre is a unique platform for collaboration between the Centre for Empirical Labor Economics and The Choice Lab.

We are offering positions in the following fields:

  • Behavioural Economics (supervisor: Alexander W. Cappelen)
  • Labour Economics (supervisor: Katrine V. Løken)
  • Development Economics (supervisor: Vincent Somville)
  • Political Economy (supervisor: Ingar Kyrkjebø Haaland)

Behavioural economics

We will involve the candidate in ongoing projects including a global study of moral values study in more than 60 countries and an exciting new project on the freedom to choose. The projects address fundamental questions about people’s moral values, belief formation, and how considerations of individual freedom and personal responsibility affect economic decisions. We expect to involve the candidate in literature reviews, data analysis in Stata, data processing, data visualization, and writing.

Labour economics

We will involve the candidate in ongoing projects like understanding early childhood inequality, consequences of gender differences in education, and economics of crime. We expect to involve the candidate in literature reviews, data analysis in Stata, data processing, data visualization, and writing.

Development economics

We will involve the candidate in ongoing projects in Tanzania related to development and learning for different age groups (children, adolescents and adults). Through this, the candidate will be introduced to frontier research and become an integrated part of an international research team. We expect to involve the candidate in survey design, fieldwork (including project supervision and data collection), literature reviews, data analysis, and writing.

Political Economy

We will involve the candidate in an ongoing project on “Media Bias and Political Polarization”. The primary objective is to open “the black box” of news demand. This ambitious project will include large-scale information provision experiments, individually linked browser data on news consumption, and new developments in artificial intelligence techniques to generate clean experimental variation in reporting styles. The candidate will be involved in various research-related tasks, including literature reviews, data cleaning using R/Python, analysis of open-ended text data, and various coding-related tasks exploiting the ChatGPT API integration with Python.


The pre-doctoral positions offer a range of on-the-job learning opportunities and mentoring from faculty supervisors in an inspiring and interdisciplinary academic environment. The predoctoral fellow will join a dynamic team of international researchers.

The positions is a full-time commitment, combines research work with learning activities, and is ideal for a recent graduate interested in doing a Ph.D. in Economics. The position offers the possibility to acquire many skills necessary to conduct independent research in applied economics.

The appointment will be for one year. The annual salary is competitive.


The candidate must possess (at the time of starting) a master’s with excellent grades in Economics or another quantitative field.

We are looking for a person who enjoys independent problem-solving and thrives on taking high-level directional advice and then running with this advice as far as possible. The ideal candidate has a desire to understand the social world around them and possesses a thirst for answering research questions about how the social environment affects individuals.

How to Apply

To apply to the Pre-Doctoral Fellow position(s), please submit the following documents to fair@nhh.no:

  • Cover Letter
  • CV
  • Transcript of Grades
  • One Letter of Recommendation (to be sent separately)
  • Writing Sample (optional) 

In the subject line, clearly specify:

  • "Application for Pre-Doctoral Fellow"
  • The specific position(s) applied for (e.g., Behavioural and Development)
  • Your Full Name


Subject: Application for Pre-Doctoral Fellow (Behavioural and Development) - Jane Smith

The deadline for application is 31 January 2024.

The desired start date is 1 September 2024.

Writing samples are optional and can, for example, be a research paper, or a bachelor or master thesis. The letter of recommendation should be directly sent by your reference via email to fair@nhh.no. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview. We will start reviewing the applications immediately. If you have any questions regarding the positions contact the supervisor in the relevant field.