New paper in Nature Communications

Hallgeir Sjåstad, Fehime Ceren Ay

31 January 2022 08:08

New paper in Nature Communications

Together with a team of international researchers, Hallgeir Sjåstad and Ceren Ay have published a new paper in Nature Communications. The paper is entitled “National identity predicts public health support during a global pandemic".

Since February 2020, Hallgeir Sjåstad has been one of the main organizers behind a global social science study, in collaboration with Jay Van Bavel (NYU) and a core group of five researchers. The project escalated quickly, and ended up with a total team of 200 researchers collecting survey data from 45 000 participants in 67 countries.

Focusing on the positive role of national identity during the first wave of the COVID pandemic, the first paper from this project has now been published in Nature Communications!

Ceren Ay, former PhD student at FAIR currently working as a researcher in Telenor, collected data from Turkey and is also a co-author on the paper.

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