Hallgeir Sjåstad in new position as Professor

27 April 2022 10:12

Hallgeir Sjåstad in new position as Professor

Hallgeir Sjåstad (36) has been promoted to Full Professor at NHH! He completed his PhD only 5 years ago, and is now part of the exclusive club of professors under 40.

We are thrilled to announce that Hallgeir Sjåstad is promoted to professor of leadership and organizational psychology at NHH, at the Department of Strategy and Management (SOL).

Hallgeir started his academic career with a Cand.psychol. degree in psychology from the University of Bergen, which makes him a clinical psychologist by training. He then defended his PhD in psychology and decision science at NHH in 2017, and after working for two years as Assistant Professor in psychology and behavioral economics at the FAIR Insight Team (SNF) he returned to the strategy department (SOL) as Associate Professor in 2020. Hallgeir is still part of the FAIR Insight Team, and is working on several interdisciplinary research projects in collaboration with the FAIR community.

Hallgeir studies the social dimension of decision-making, typically relying on experimental research methods. He is broadly interested in classic topics like time perspective, cooperation, moral judgment and rationality, and has published extensively in leading journals. The main theme in his research, is how people think about the future and make decisions involving time.

In an NHH interview, Hallgeir says that "The promotion has probably not sunk in completely yet, but becoming a professor means a lot - both for me as an individual researcher and for those I work with. In research, there is almost always both an "I" and a "we", and this has been the case for me as well. I am deeply grateful to my wonderful team of mentors and collaborators. Personally, I have always been intrigued by interdisciplinary thinking that combines the best of different disciplines, so I must admit that it is extra cool to enter the role as a psychology professor at the Norwegian School of Economics".  

"We are extremely proud of the achievements of Hallgeir. He has been an exceptionally valuable member of FAIR since we started the centre of excellence, bridging the research in economics and psychology. Hallgeir is very open-minded and has ensured that the work at FAIR relates to the research frontier in psychology. Hallgeir has also been a vital member of the FAIR Insight Team at SNF, showing how behavioral insights can be important for applied work and policy.We are confident that Hallgeir will make many new important research contributions in the years to come and congratulate him with the promotion to full professor!"

- Professor Bertil Tungodden


To learn more about Sjåstad's broad scope of work you can check out his homepage