Online sessions

12 February 2021 13:41

Online sessions

Our online sessions are back for the spring semester 2021.

Due to the pandemic, the FAIR Team decided to introduce an online session series for the fall semester, to keep up with our activities and sharing the ongoing research.  In total, we planned eight sessions for the fall in addition to our seminar series. 


The online sessions were a big success and we are continuing with it for the spring semester. You can find a complete overview of our online sessions here: 


FAIR online sessions 


Our FAIR seminar series will also be online for the spring semester and the program is now updated with speakers. All our seminar events are up on our webpage and you can find a complete overview here: 




Should you have any questions regarding the online sessions or seminar, please reach out to our centre coordinator: Gabriela Saez on


Welcome to our online sessions!