FAIR at EEA Congress 2020

26 August 2020 11:34

FAIR at EEA Congress 2020

This week the European Economic Association (EEA) is hosting its 35th annual congress and FAIR is proud to see so many of our own to be involved in the first virtual congress of the EEA.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the EEA chose to hold the annual congress as a virtual congress. Katrine Vellesen Løken has together with Vasco M. Carvalho (University of Cambridge), lead the scientific committee that has worked extensively with creating an excellent program for the EEA Congress of 2020.  

FAIR was invited to organize an invited session where Alexander Wright Cappelen presented "Fairness and Redistribution: Preferences and Beliefs", from our global study on inequality and fairness.

Amongst the FAIR researchers presenting this week are:  

  • Ranveig Falch, Bertil Tungodden together with collaborators: "Behavioural and Experimental: Education and Selection in Labour Markets"
  • Fanny Landaud: "Applied Micro: Monetary and Non-Monetary Returns to Education"
  • Laura Khoury together with collaborators: "Labour: Unemployment benefits and Assistance Affecting Unemployment"
  • Alexander Willén with collaborators: "Building Bridges and Widening Gaps: Wage Gains and Equity Concerns of Labor Market Expansions"
Both Katrine and Aline Bütikofer will be chair on sessions held this week.
The EEA is the most important meeting place for economists in Europe and is an international scientific body with membership open to all persons involved or interested in economics.