FAIR at Forskningsdagene in Bergen

25 September 2017 17:27

(updated: 6 October 2017 11:09)

FAIR at Forskningsdagene in Bergen

This week Forskningsdagene is happening all over Norway and Cappelen, Risa and Tungodden will contribute here in Bergen.

Forskningsdagene (the research days) is about creating exitement and understanding for research and to communicate how research influences our daily lives. The event has four components: Forsker Grand Prix, where PhD students conpete by presenting their research in four minutes, Forskertorget where you can discover research findings, talks and debates and special activities for youth.

Tungodden debates

On Tuesday Bertil Tungodden will join a panel to discuss future jobs and whether we can choose our way to a happier work life. He is joined in the panel by professor Karen Modesta Olsen (NHH), researcher Tonje Fyhn (Uni Research) and student Margit Abel Grape (head of NHH Symposiet). The paned is lead by Hans Kristian Mjelva, political commentator in BT.

See the program in Norwegian for Tuesday


Risa competes

Forsker Grand Prix is a competition for PhD students where they compete by presenting their research in four minutes. Ten researchers in Bergen have been chosen for the regional tournament on Wednesday and four will go on to the national championship on Saturday. Our very own Erling Risa, PhD student at FAIR-CELE, has been chosen at NHH's candidate for the Forsker Grand Prix and we are very exited about his presentation.

Read about the candidates (in Norwegian)

Read an interview with Risa on the Forsker Grand Prix (in Norwegian)

Cappelen presents

Alexander Cappelen will talk about fair allocation of resources and whether people care about fairness when they do economic choices. His presentation will be at Egget at the University of Bergen on Thursday. He is part of a seminar aimed at young people to inspire them to see the usefullness of research.

See the program for Forskningsdagene UNG