Fairness and the Moral Mind Online Workshop

Fairness and the Moral Mind Online Workshop

Online workshop hosted by FAIR and chaired by Bertil Tungodden that aims to present new experimental work by young scholars on how to understand the moral mind.

In the field of behavioral economics and social sciences, we've widely recognized that human motivations go beyond just self-interest. Yet, our grasp of the intricate and multifaceted essence of the moral mind is still a puzzle with missing pieces. People vary greatly in how they approach morals, showing unique levels of importance assigned to ethical factors and differing perceptions of moral significance depending on the situation.

Fairness and The Moral Mind Project


16 November 2023

16 NOVEMBER 2022

16 FEBRUARY 2022

17 FEBRUARY 2021


The workshop is organized by Professor Bertil Tungodden and funded by an ERC Advanced Grant for the project Fairness and the Moral Mind.

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