CCE for students

CCE for students

The researchers involved in this agenda all collaborate with students at the master and PhD level.

We strongly encourage candidates to explore various aspects of the themes listed under research.

PhD projects

PhD projects constitute a central part of the work under this agenda. Candidates are given a unique opportunity to explore important challenges from the perspective of both law and economics. The themes are highly relevant for the private sector, academic institutions and policy institutions in Norway as well as internationally.

We start 1-2 PhD projects yearly. For relevant PhD projects at NHH, see EEL website with PhD projects. For relevant PhD project in law, please contact Jon Petter Rui or Erling Hjelmeng.

Master thesis

For possible master theses, please contact Lene Tangerås Grønnevik for a list of relevant themes or for scheduling a meeting with one of the group members.


NoCet and grants.


Relevant courses

Master course BUS452 Corruption - Incentives, disclosure and liability
PhD course REG522 Economic Analysis of corporate misconduct 
PhD course

REG524 Business Crime: U.S. enforcement against multinational corporations for corruption and fraud

Master course

BUS469 Corporate Liability and Sustainable Markets

Master course

BUS465 Detecting Corporate Social Responsibility

Master course

ETI450 Corporate Social Responsibility 

Master course

BUS442 Konkurranserett 

Research Assistance 

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NHH Students. Photo: Silje Robinson