Research at CEE

Research at CEE

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  • The deterrent effect of penalties: Criminal law sanctions in economic crime cases
  • Coherence: How different remedies and sanctions interact
  • Settlements: The use of non-trial resolutions as an enforcement mode
  • Non-criminal regulation of corporate liability
  • Coordination between enforcement agencies: The institutional environment for law enforcement
  • Business climate challenges: Corporate compliance in international markets
  • Ethical dimensions of business-related practices that are damaging but not illegal

Selected publications

Authors Title Publication

Hjelmeng, Erling Johan; Søreide, Tina

Bribes, Crimes and law enforcement

European Business Law Review, 2017, 28(1), s 19- 40

Auriol, Emmanuelle; Hjelmeng, Erling Johan; Søreide, Tina

Deterring corruption and cartels: In search of a coherent approach

Law & Economics, 2017, Issue 1