About CCE

About CCE

The Corporate Compliance and Enforcement (CCE) research cluster is NHH’s main hub for research on serious forms of profit-motivated corporate misconduct, including bribery, money laundering, fraud, tax evasion, and environmental crime, and solutions involving regulation and enforcement.

The CCE cluster functions as a network involving researchers at NHH and elsewhere, including especially researchers in the fields of law, economics, and business management, as well as experts in the private sector and public sector law enforcement.

While rooted in the research environment of a business school, the cluster has a strong law & economics orientation. The researchers engage actively in inter-disciplinary dialogue, policy-motivated research and debate, and efforts to mobilize younger professionals for research on CCE-related themes.


11. – 12.06.2020, University of Oslo

Conference on Empirical Legal Studies – Europe 2020

17.03.2020, NHH Financial secrecy and its discontents