Tungodden gets prestigious editor position

27 April 2012 21:47

(updated: 7 March 2016 21:48)

Tungodden gets prestigious editor position

Bertil Tungodden was recently appointed associate editor of the reputed journal Management Science.

The Professor from The Department of Economics at NHH is pleased with the appointment and looks forward to being a part of the team that sets the agenda for the journal, which is also included on the NHH bonus list. Researchers from NHH who publish in these journals automatically receive a publication bonus of NOK 80,000.

'Management Science is one of the leading journals within the field of management. It is a general journal covering most business areas, like finance, marketing, strategy and economics,' Tungodden explains.

As associate editor Tungodden will become a part of an editorial team where each editor is responsible for his or her field of expertise.

'I have been asked to join because they want to strengthen their coverage of behavioral and experimental economics and they believe this will be an important discipline in the future,' Tungodden says.

He stresses that this is an acknowledgement to the research group in experimental economics at NHH, as well as it being an acknowledgement to the field in general to be included in one of the world's leading business journals.

'It is nice to be asked to join because this is a key journal for the entire NHH faculty. It is multidisciplinary and covers all research areas at NHH.'

Tungodden was recently also appointed associate editor of Social Choice and Welfare, a narrower journal within welfare and normative economics. He has previously been editor of Economics & Philosophy for several years.

Being an editor of a scientific journal involves reading and evaluating incoming papers and deciding whether the standard is high enough for further peer assessment.

'The good thing is that you are involved in pointing out the direction of your field,' Bertil Tungodden says.