Exploring Gender Perspectives in Economic Research

Trine Rogg Korsvik
`The whole point of a gender perspective in research is to improve the analysis and thereby the quality of the research and make it more relevant,`says Trine Rogg Korsvik, adding: `It's not for ideological reasons.´
NHH By Sigrid Folkestad

8 March 2024 05:10

Exploring Gender Perspectives in Economic Research

What does a gender perspective entail in research, and how do NHH researchers use this in their projects? The gender equality seminar on March 14th will provide answers!

`The whole point of a gender perspective in research is to improve the analysis and thereby the quality of the research and make it more relevant. That's why both the EU and the Research Council encourage including gender perspectives,´ says Trine Rogg Korsvik, adding:

`It's not for ideological reasons.´

"The Profit"

At the gender equality seminar on March 14th, several of NHH's researchers will present new research. Among other things, Julie B. Bjørkheim will talk about tax evasion and gender differences, and Hege Landsvik about equal opportunities in football.

Anita Meidell, Associate Professor at the Department of Accounting, Auditing and Law at NHH and an expert in management accounting and control.

Hot feelings can reshape companies’ risk management

`Emotional responses to crises can profoundly reshape a company's approach to risk management in several ways´, Associate Professor Anita Meidell says.

`This year's gender equality seminar is particularly relevant. We get several very current examples of why gender perspectives are important in economic research. The seminar also illustrates how our own researchers incorporate this perspective into their projects,´ says Vice-Rector of Academic Affairs at NHH, Professor Frode Sættem.


Trine Rogg Korsvik will hold the introduction The Profit of Including Gender in Economic Research.

Korsvik has a PhD in history from the University of Oslo with a specialty in the history of the women's movement. Today, she is a senior advisor and expert on gender perspectives in research at Kilden kjønnsforskning.no, an academically independent department under the Research Council. The knowledge center disseminates research on gender and equality.

Economics in Transition

`It is very useful to delve into the field of gender perspectives across disciplines and see what it can mean for one's own research. We see now that many economists research economic status, income differences, and residence from a woman's perspective, for example.´

Hege Landsvik, Department of Strategy and Management. Photo: Sigrid Folkestad

The Action Problem

Hege Landsvik had not planned to pursue a doctorate when she was a master's student at NHH. Now, she is tackling the action problem in sustainable consumer behavior.

The thesis of "Homo Economicus," the economic man, is gone. The field has also moved away from the idea that we all make rational choices and just think about maximizing utility.

This shift has led to a broader perspective in research, Korsvik believes.

`And if you look at the speakers participating in the seminar, you get a good picture of how they use the gender perspective in economics in 2024. ´


Korsvik mentions two examples of research fields where the gender perspective has had a significant impact.

`Marketing is one such area, where research has contributed to awareness of gender roles and stereotypes in advertising. In medical research, senior consultant and Professor Eva Gerdts has shown significant differences between women and men with heart conditions. This is a striking example of the value of the gender perspective in research, ‘says Korsvik.

`Do we need female researchers to bring the gender perspective into research? ´

`Many female researchers do not necessarily mean more use of the gender perspective. But there is a connection between an increased proportion of women among researchers and more attention to women's and gender perspectives in the content of research. To take the heart example again: It was only after there were more female researchers in medicine that gender differences in symptoms and treatment of heart attacks became a research topic. And we might ask ourselves if the research at NHH would have looked like it does today if there were still only male professors there? ´

julie bjørkheim

Underestimating tax evasion among self-employed women

Self-employed women underreport their income to the tax authorities more than men do; a new study shows. `We should perhaps reconsider assumed gender differences in this field´, says NHH researcher Julie Brun Bjørkheim.