Norway´s outspoken football president to NHH

Lise Klaveness, av Johannes Dalen Giske
Football President Lise Klaveness gives this year´s Lehmkuhl Lecture, "Leadership in complex and difficult global times", at NHH Norwegian School of Economics. Photo: Johannes Dalen Giske
NHH By Sigrid Folkestad

29 September 2023 11:44

Norway´s outspoken football president to NHH

Football president Lise Klaveness became world famous after her Qatar speech in 2022, when she criticized the powerful FIFA organization. She is this year's Lehmkuhl lecturer at NHH on Wednesday 4 October.

`I don't have all the answers to what defines good leadership in challenging times, but I want to share stories, experiences and thoughts about many of the dilemmas facing football managers around the world in 2023, says Lise Klaveness.


The former football professional is a trained lawyer, has been a deputy judge, a lawyer at the law firm Hjort and at Norges Bank.

On Wednesday 4 October, she gives this year's Lehmkuhl lecturer; "Leadership in complex and difficult global times".

In March 2022, Klaveness became the first female president of the Norwegian Football Federation. Three weeks later, she took the podium in Qatar, when FIFA held its annual congress. She directed criticism at FIFA for violations of human rights, and discrimination against women and LGBT.


Her memorable speech went around the world. The 42-year-old from Meland in Nordhordland became highly profiled.

`Another main point in my lecture is how leaders are able to stand firm when they are struggling with challenging tasks. How to find the strength to drive change and be action-oriented in uncertain times?, asks Klaveness.

Minister Kristofer Lehmkuhl (1855-1949) was an untiring champion for NHH. Perhaps more than anyone else he had the honour of ensuring that NHH became established, and right up to his death he followed the activity of the school with a never weakening interest.

He is therefore rightfully called the 'Father of the school'. NHH has honoured Kristofer Lehmkuhl's memory by holding an annual lecture in his name for students, academic staff and invited guests. The lecture is held as close as possible to Kristofer Lehmkuhl's birthday, 26 September.