Olaug Svarva

Olaug Svarva

Olaug Svarva(born 1957) has been Board chair in DNB and DNB Bank since the spring of 2018. Before joining DNB, she was CEO of Folketrygdfondet from 2006 to 2018.

She has experience within asset management from SpareBank 1 Gruppen and as a financial analyst in Carnegie and DNB. Svarva has also serverd as a member of several boards, including Investinor AS, the Employers’ Association Spekter, Oslo Børs (Oslo Stock Exchange) and the Norwegian Institute of Directors.

She has also been a member of the Election Committees in Telenor, Veidekke, Storebrand and Yara and head of the Election Committee in Statoil, and has experience from the Corporate Assemblies of Telenor, Statoil and Orkla.

Svarva has an MBA from the University of Denver. 

Kristofer Lehmkuhl - 'Father of the school'

Statsråd (Cabinet Minister) Kristofer Lehmkuhl (1855-1949) was an untiring champion for NHH. Perhaps more than anyone else he had the honour of ensuring that NHH became established, and right up to his death he followed the activity of the school with a never weakening interest. He is therefore rightfully called the 'Father of the school'.

NHH has honoured Kristofer Lehmkuhl's memory by holding an annual lecture in his name for students, academic staff and invited guests. The lecture is held as close as possible to Kristofer Lehmkuhl's birthday on 26th September.

A statue stands to the memory of Statsråd Lehmkuhl in front of the main building of the school, looking over the sea towards the harbour of Bergen where the sailing training vessel bearing his name is based.

(the main part of the lectures were held in Norwegian)