Registration is open! 7th International Conference on Logistics and Maritime Systems

We are pleased to invite you to attend and participate in the 7th International Conference on Logistics and Maritime Systems. The aim of this conference is to provide a forum for participants from universities and related industries to exchange ideas on the latest technical, operational, economic and sustainability developments in container and bulk logistics and their related maritime systems.

Book launch Innovating for Trust

In the book «Innovating for trust», CSI-researchers respond to the fundamental goal for any firm: through innovations develop, maintain, and enhance customer relationships based on trust. The book is the result of five years of research on large service organizations’ innovation efforts and provides the syntheses of learning. Welcome to the launch.

The Lehmkuhl Lecture 2017

The Lehmkuhl Lecture is an annual event at NHH in honour of the school's "founding father" Kristofer Lehmkuhl. It takes place on, or close to, his date of birth September 26. This year's Lehmkuhl speaker will be announced later.

Agnar Sandmo Lecture on Public Policy 2017 Peter Diamond, MIT

Professor Agnar Sandmo retired at the age of 70 on 9 January 2008. In order to mark Sandmo’s long contribution to the field, as well as his international standing NHH has established two annual institutions: Sandmo Lecture on Public Policy and Sandmo Junior Visiting Fellowship in Public Policy.

Foreldrehelg 2017

NHH og NHHS inviterer nye bachelorstudenters foreldre til å bli bedre kjent med NHH, utdanningen, studentenes hverdag og hverandre. Program blir publisert senere.

NHH International Case Competition

Welcome to the world's northern-most international case competition! For one week, 12 global top schools will gather in the historic city of Bergen to solve a real life business problem.

NHH Forum

NHH Forum is an annual academic seminar that is arranged by the faculty and students at NHH, in collaboration with large corporations.

Alumni 2017

Tiden er inne for å vitalisere NHH alumni. Vi inviterer derfor til en storslagen alumnikonferanse. Hold av dagen!

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