The 6th Annual BECCLE Conference

The conference combines sessions with invited speakers and presentations and discussions of original research papers in the fields of competition law and economics.

The 5th CCF Conference

The Centre for Corporate Finance is happy to announce we will arrange the 5th CCF conference in the KGJ Centre on Tuesday, 07 June.

Welcome to TSL Workshop 2022

10th INFORMS Transportation Science and Logistics Society Workshop: “Transportation and logistics prospects considering digitalization and autonomous technologies”.

FAIR seminar Heather Schofield

FAIR invites you to a seminar with Heather Schofield, Assistant Professor at the Perelman School of Medicine and The Wharton School, Department of Medical Ethics and Health Policy.

PhD Defense: Kasper Vagle

On Monday 13 June 2022 Kasper Vagle will hold a trial lecture on a prescribed topic and defend his thesis for the PhD degree at NHH.

Welcome to Graduation 2022

NHH invites this year’s master graduates to a graduation ceremony. The event takes place in Grieghallen in Bergen city centre. A more detailed programme will follow.

FAIR Conference Midway Conference

FAIR invites you to the FAIR Midway Conference. The conference is organized by FAIR (invited attendees only). The conference will celebrate FAIR’s five years anniversary as a center of excellence and showcase our many exciting research projects. The keynote speakers are James Heckman (University of Chicago), Oriana Bandiera (LSE), Joseph Henrich (Harvard), and Stefanie Stantcheva (Harvard)

FAIR Course Labor Economics

The course covers traditional topics in labor economics and encourages the development of own research ideas. The course will discuss the neoclassical model of labor demand and also covers the implications of imperfect competition on the labor market. Topics include wage and employment determination, minimum wages, technological change, and institutions in the labor market. There will be particular emphasis on the interaction between theoretical and empirical modeling.

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