Thorolf Rafto Challenge 2019 Eldar Sætre, Equinor

NHH and the Rafto Foundation invite you to the fifth annual Thorolf Rafto Challenge – an event where business organizations are challenged to share information about human rights dilemmas they face in their value chains. This year’s key note speaker is Eldar Sætre, CEO of Equinor.

FAIR Seminar: Mark Stabile Precarious Employment, the Gig Economy and Mental Health

FAIR invites you to a seminar with Mark Stabile, Stone Chaired Professor in Wealth Inequality and a Professor of Economics at INSEAD. He directs the James M. and Cathleen D. Stone Centre for the Study of Wealth Inequality. Professor Stabile's recent work focuses on inequality, poverty, child health, health care financing, and tax policy. The title of the presentation is "Precarious Employment, the Gig Economy and Mental Health".

Få hjelp til å takle Eksamensangst

Mange gruer seg til eksamen, men denne workshopen er for deg som mister konsentrasjonen i en slik grad at det går ut over prestasjonen din før eller under eksamen. Kurset er i regi av NHH og Sammen Råd & Karriere og har plass til 15 deltakere.

Autumn party for all employees

This autumn's great social gathering for all employees is taking place on Friday 1 November. Dinner and entertainment will take place in the student canteen, and afterwards the party continues in the aula with music and dance. Welcome!

Penga eller livet? Guttekrisen

Hvorfor gjør guttene det dårligere enn jentene på skolen? Professor Kjell Gunnar Salvanes og forsker Hallgeir Sjåstad fra forskningssenteret FAIR ved NHH presenterer ny forskning på området og åpner opp for diskusjon.

FAIR presents Fairness Across the World: The Nature and Consequences of Inequality Acceptance

65,000 people in 60 countries participated in behavioral experiments in which they made real-life redistributive choices. Join Gallup and the Norwegian School of Economics on November 5 at the Gallup World Headquarters in Washington, D.C., for Fairness Across the World: The Nature and Consequences of Inequality Acceptance, a discussion of groundbreaking new data about fairness preferences of people around the world and how these preferences shape economic policies and political institutions. Nobel laureate Professor Sir Angus Deaton, World Bank Senior Economist Varun Gauri, Professor Rohini Somanathan of the University of Delhi and Professor Bertil Tungodden of the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) will discuss the way conceptions of fairness are related to beliefs about the sources of inequality, the cost of redistribution, and attitudes to income inequality.

Welcome to the Bergen FinTech Conference

The NHH Norwegian School of Economics and the Argentum Center for Private Equity are pleased to invite interested individuals to the 2019 Bergen FinTech Conference. This is an academic conference, but practitioners are welcome to attend.

Master's thesis Information meeting

Are you planning to write your master's thesis in the Autumn of 2020? Welcome to an information meeting where you will learn about formalities, possible topics within different research fields, and meet company representatives interested in a collaboration with master's students.

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