Research dissemination award to Tina Søreide

Tina søreide, av helge skodvin
Tina Søreide is Professor of Law and Economics at the Department of Accounting, Auditing and Law, and she is the winner of NHH’s Research Dissemination Award 2020.

18 December 2020 15:29

Research dissemination award to Tina Søreide

The winner of NHH’s Research Dissemination Award 2020 is professor Tina Søreide.

Tina Søreide is Professor of Law and Economics at the Department of Accounting, Auditing and Law, and she is the winner of NHH’s Research Dissemination Award 2020. 

The winner of this year’s award has for a number of years contributed to highlighting important and complicated topics in the public debate. She has marked herself as an important voice both regionally and nationally, with her ability to communicate comprehensibly to the public on topics which few are knowledgeable about – corruption, social responsibility and development economics. 

Corruption researcher:– Governments trust has been reduced

Norway falls on the corruption index. ‘This shows that the Norwegian population’s confidence in the government has been reduced,’ says professor at NHH, Tina Søreide.

Her dissemination is both of high quality and high pace. The winner masters the art of engaging in the current public discussions with clear and precise formulations. She articulates distinct opinions and is able to bring abstract, complex debates about economics down to a concrete and understandable level. She is frequently in the public discourse on the important, but sensitive topic of economic crime in general and corruption in particular. In the public debate, she generalizes demanding legal, regulatory and economic issues related to companies’ practices and authorities' attempts to prevent, or in severe cases, punish abuse. 

She is also active and engages on a broad spectrum of channels in her dissemination. She is an expert source in media cases on TV and radio, writes articles in newspapers, and is a speaker for companies, authorities, public arrangements and more

In the broader sense of research dissemination, she has been an active contributor to the development of legislation and regulation both nationally and internationally. She has sat on government-appointed committees, and been an adviser to both the Norwegian authorities and to international organizations such as the OECD, the World Bank and the EU. 

In addition, the winner is also very capable of adapting her communication to children and young people, and willingly contributes - whether it is for debate in the Research Days in Bergen or speaking to students in high schools to broaden their horizon on topics included in the field of business and economics.

Cover for Lucifers Banker

Are the financial institutions capable of detecting criminal activity, as required by the regulations?

UBS whistle blower Bradley C. Birkenfeld, Director of Group Compliance Mirella Elisa Os Wassiluk (DNB) and NHH Professor Guttorm Schjelderup are speaking at an NHH conference on financial secrecy in March.

For the above reasons, she is an inspiration and a role model on dissemination and communication, and how to set the agenda for and influence the public debate and policies on topics of importance to an international business school.  

The jury:

Vice Rector for research Kenneth Fjell, Liv Skotheim from Bergens Tidende, professor Inger. Stensaker, professor Gisle Andersen og Sigrid Folkestad, Office of Communications and External Relations.