All students find relevant jobs after NHH

NHH-student Katrine Hjelmevoll.
NHH students are very attractive in the labour market, a new candidate survey shows. After three months, almost everyone has found a permanent job. A good working environment is the most important factor when applying for a job. Photo: Sigrid G. Bakken/NHH.
NHH By Sigrid Grøm Bakken

10 January 2019 13:28

All students find relevant jobs after NHH

98.8 per cent of former NHH students have found relevant jobs. The majority are hired before completing their degree, a new candidate survey finds.

Infografikk kandidatundersøkelsen.

The students of the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) are very well adapted and suited to the labour market. This is according to the candidate survey, ‘Fra studier til jobb på Vestlandet´, carried out by Sammen Råd og Karriere.

The survey was answered by people who graduated from NHH in 2016. Ninety-five per cent of the respondents are in a permanent position, and 98.8 per cent are in a relevant job two years after graduating. The latter is a significant improvement from 2016, when the figure was 93 per cent.

‘It is very pleasing to see that NHH students are well prepared for the new labour market. The measures we have implemented to make the study programmes more relevant, work,’ says Vice Rector for Academic Affairs Linda Nøstbakken at NHH.

Since the respondents graduated in 2016, NHH has increased its focus on digitalisation, both by offering new technology-related courses, renewing the traditional economics subjects, and by strengthening the students’ practical skills.

Find jobs before graduating

The candidate survey found that NHH students find jobs quickly. Sixty-two per cent find a job even before they graduate. This applies, in particular, to candidates from Auditing and Accounting, where as many as nine out of ten students receive a job offer before the final examination.

Nøstbakken says that this is a hallmark of quality, but points out that finding employment before graduation is not one of their goals.

‘NHH students are attractive, and we see just about all of them in a permanent job three months after completing their degree. At the same time, it is great to see employers competing for the best candidates,’ she says.

Works to avoid cyber attacks

Andreas Orset combined economics and technology studies at NHH to adapt to the future labour market. This secured him a position as a consultant in KPMG's division for cyber security a year and a half before graduating from NHH.

‘NHH has really stepped up its game when it comes to tech subjects. I took NHH’s new Business Analytics specialisation and supplemented the economics programme with exciting technology courses, such as ‘Artificial intelligence and robotisation’, ‘Predictive Analytics’, ‘Simulation’, ‘Decision Modeling’, ‘Applied programming’ – to mention a few,’ he says.

Business Analytics makes you stand out

A new master’s major provides Thea and Gunnhild with technological leadership expertise enabling them to assist companies in making better decisions.
NHH Alumni Andreas Orset.
Andreas Orset is one of several NHH students who secured a job before graduating. He will work on preventing cyber attacks in Norwegian enterprises. Photo: Sigrid Grøm Bakken/NHH.

About the candidate survey

  • The candidate survey has been carried out since 2003.
  • The student organisation Sammen Råd og Karriere have conducted the survey in 2018. 
  • The survey is sent to graduates from the Norwegian School of Economics, the University of Bergen, and Bergen University College. 
  • The survey is sent to graduates two years after their final exams.

Working environment important 

Sixty-four per cent of NHH candidates' first job after graduating is in consultancy, auditing or banking, insurance and finance. A good working environment is the most important factor when looking for a job. Good career opportunities and a professionally challenging job are also highly rated.