Excellence in Reviewing Certificate to Kunze

7 September 2018 14:29

Excellence in Reviewing Certificate to Kunze

Astrid Kunze has received the excellence in Reviewing Certificate from Labour Economics.

Professor Astrid Kunze at the Department of Economics has earned the Best Reviewer Award for LABECO in 2017. This award is given to the top 25 reviewers in 2017 based on their exceptional and timely reports.

– Refereeing and writing reports on research articles for journals publishing academic research is an important part of our work as an expert and researcher. I spend considerable time on this and believe that this is very important work, Kunze says.

However, they do not receive much credit, she says.

– Still, it is important to use our expertise in order to evaluate others’ research for journals that consider publishing the work and hence advance our knowledge. I have refereed for many years for Labour Economics and believe that the journal has produced very interesting and important research. The editorial board has done extremely good work and makes this journal one of the best outlets for research on labour economics in a broader sense.