– Discover your inner entrepreneur

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One million NOK awaits students with a good business idea. Last year at team from NHH recieved funding from The Research Council of Norway. Ill: Øyvind Lothe
NHH By Sigrid Folkestad

25 January 2018 09:42

– Discover your inner entrepreneur

The Research Council of Norway provides one million kroner for a good business idea. NHH researcher Bram Timmermans has the following message to the students: – Discover your inner entrepreneur and apply for funding, he says.

Bram Timmermans
Associate Professor Bram Timmermans, NHH.

`I encourage all students and student teams with a business idea to apply,` Bram Timmermans says. He is an associate professor at the Department of Strategy and Management, NHH.

The Student entrepreneurship (STUD-ENT) scheme is a national competitive arena in which students and recent Master’s degree graduates, in cooperation with a university or university college, may seek financial support for realising their knowledge- or research-based business ideas. The STUD-ENT funding scheme seeks to encourage entrepreneurship among students, promote a stronger entrepreneurship culture in the university and university college sector, and increase the number of knowledge-intensive jobs in Norway (Research Council).

`Why should NHH students participate in the competition?

`Many business ideas suffer an early death because there is a lack of resources. Here, the Research Council has raised one million kroner to enable students to further develop the idea, Timmermans`says.

Deadline: February 14

The Research Council's financial support is perceived as a quality stamp, and those who receive support will attract extra attention. In the next run, it will make it easier to get more resources, according to the researcher.

Millionstøtte til NHH-studenter

Gjennom selskapet CresCat ønsker tre NHH-studenter å gjøre gjennomføringen av kultur- og konferansearrangementer lettere og mer effektiv. Nå får de én million kroner fra Forskningsrådet til å utvikle ideen.