The learning environment at NHH

The learning environment at NHH

A good learning environment is important both for the students’ academic achievements and for the well-being at school.

We are working hard to ensure that students have the best possible learning environment, by facilitating for developing good relationships and how to cope with a busy academic day/schedule.

Book a counselling session at Sammen

Sammen Career & Counselling offers individual counselling sessions for students. The counsellors are neutral and safe conversation partners with whom you can discuss topics related to student rights, relationships and how to master your studies.

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Courses and seminars

NHH and Sammen Career & Counselling also organises courses and seminars. The courses and seminars are primarily held in Norwegian, but some of the courses will be provided in English upon request.


Do you have questions or input about the learning environment at NHH? Contact Deputy Rector and Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Stig Tenold.