Prepare your application

Prepare your application

Make sure you read the all of the application requirements before you apply for exchange. On this page, you'll find all the information you need to apply.

General Requirements 

Undergradate and graduate students may prioritise 20 schools in the application. Graduate students may apply for an exchange stay during the autumn (HØST) and/or spring (VÅR) semester.

  • Qualification Requirements

    Qualification Requirements

    • Undergraduate students planning to go on exchange in the fourth semester must have completed a minimum of 45 ECTS before applying to the exchange programme.
    • Undergraduate students planning to go on exchange in the sixth semester must complete all of the mandatory courses before going on exchange.
    • Graduate students planning to go on exchange must have completed a minimum of 15 ECTS at NHH in the first semester before applying for the exchange programme.
    • Undergraduate students who withdraw in the fourth semester without a valid reason will be penalized in the sixth semester. 
    • Withdrawal from the undergraduate exchange program will not affect your graduate exchange application.
    • Graduate students cannot combine an exchange semester with a minor in any other subject area than their major at NHH.
    • If you're scheduled to participate in the CEMS or Double Degree programmes, you will not be considered for the exchange programme.
    • If you've been granted a gap year between your undergraduate and graduate degrees, you may not apply for the exchange programme during the gap year. 
    • You must have a study right at NHH in order to apply to the exchange programme. 
    • As a general rule, you may not go on exchange to a country where you are a citizen.
  • Exchange Semester

    Exchange Semester

    • Undergraduate students may go on exchange in the fourth or sixth semester. We recommend going in the fourth semester. 
    • MSc students may go on exchange in the third or fourth semester. We recommend going in the third semester. 
    • MRR students may go on exchange in the third or fourth semester. We recommend going in the third semester. 
    • It is only possible to go on exchange during the regular study period. 
  • Exchange in the sixth semester

    Exchange in the sixth semester

    • Undergraduate students planning on going on exchange in the sixth semester must complete all mandatory courses before leaving for exchange. 
    • You will receive your NHH degree later than your peers because courses taken during the spring exchange period will be recognized by NHH in September and October. 
  • Résumé and Motivation Letter

    Résumé and Motivation Letter

    • You do not need to send a résumé or motivation letter. The only exceptions are: 
    • If you're applying to Rikkyo University, you must include your résumé and a motivation letter detailing why you're interested in an internship in Japan.
    • If you're applying for a place in an MBA programme, you must include a résumé detailing your work experience.
    • If you're applying for an institution with language requirements, you must include proof of language skills.
    • If you have had a leave of absence due to illness etc, you must provide necessary documentation 
  • Progression


    • Students with normal progression will receive 10 additional credits ("progression credits"). 
    • You have a normal progression if you have completed 22,5 ECTS or more each semester (for graduate students) or 45 or more ECTS in an academic year (for undergraduate students going on exchange in the fourth semester). 
    • Recognized courses will be included in the progression requirement. 
    • You may apply to go on exchange even if you don't have a normal progression, but your total credit sum will be lower than your peers'. 
    • If you have documented health reasons for not having a normal progression, you will need to hand this in to us along with your application. The medical certificate needs to be specific.
  • Free Movers

    Free Movers

    • You may go on exchange as a "free mover" if you wish to go to a university NHH does not partner with, or if you didn't get a place in the regular exchange programme. 
    • You must apply to the university yourself, and you're responsbile for all contact and information with the host university, including deadlines and qualification requirements. 
    • You will not receive a "Statement of English Proficiency" from NHH and may not apply for pre-approval of courses. 
    • You will need to apply for recognition of your courses once you return to NHH. 
  • Application Result

    Application Result

    • Undergraduate students will receive their application results at the end of August or beginning of September.
    • Graduate students will receive their application result at the end of February or beginning of March.


Exchange Destinations 

Unsure of where you wish to go on exchange? Check out our inspiration page!



If there are two languages of instruction on our website, for example "English and French", there are enough courses in English available for you to only take English-language courses.

  • English Requirements

    English Requirements

    • Certain host universities require an official IELTS or TOEFL test. Should you require one, you'll need to take a test before applying to the host university, but after applying to the exchange programme at NHH.
  • Spanish, French or German Requirements

    Spanish, French or German Requirements

    • If the host university has Spanish, French or German language requirements, you need to take a language course with a certified CEFR level.
    • You can take a course through Folkeuniversitetet or any other institution. If the language is your mother tongue, you may need proof of citizenship. 
    • Attach any documented proof of language skills along with your application to the exchange programme. 



Any student, regardless of GPA, is welcome to apply to the exchange programme. Certain host universities may have specific GPA requirements. If there is a competition for places, the GPA determines who gets a place.

  • GPA from High School

    GPA from High School

    • You don't need to attach your GPA to your exchange application unless you completed High School (vidaregåande) abroad or participated in the IB programme. 
    • You may need to upload a copy of your High School transcript when you apply directly to the host university.
  • Previous Averages

    Previous Averages

    • We don't share earlier grade point averages to specific universities due to privacy concerns. 
  • Grade Averages

    Grade Averages

    • Your grade average is caluclated from all the grades you have received at NHH. 
    • Letter grades are replaced by numbers in the following way: A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2 and E=1. We only include grades on a scale from A to E.
    • Pass/fail grades are not included in the GPA, but does count towards your progression.
  • GPA Requirements

    GPA Requirements

    • You'll find any specific GPA requirements in the lists for undergraduate and graduate exchange partners. 
  • Progression and GPA

    Progression and GPA

    • If you fulfill the progression requirements, we will add an additional 10 extra "credits" in the system. An A-average of 5 will then be registrered as 15 with progression. 
    • Grades recognized from other universities will not be included in the GPA, but will count towards the progression. 
  • Complaints


    • The GPA is calculated on a specific date, "opptaksdagen". This date will vary from year to year, and will be announced in the information meeting before the application deadline. 
    • If you've appealed one or several of your grades, but you haven't received a new grade, we won't include it in your GPA or progression. Legally, the grade doesn't "exist" while the appeal is pending.