How to apply for exchange

How to apply for exchange

NHH uses SøknadsWeb for exchange applications.

Applications are evaluated on the basis of your academic merits, motivation, language qualifications, and extracurricular activities.

  • Application in Søknadsweb

    Application in Søknadsweb

    • Application deadline is 1 February each year for exchange on master level.


    Use your personal identification number or Feide to log in. Unless you already have one, create your own pin code.

    You may prioritise 20 schools in the application. Should you wish to list more schools you may upload a list of additional schools in your application online.

    You can apply for an exchange stay during the fall (HØST) or spring (VÅR) semester. Be aware that some schools have several campuses and you must find the campus of your choice in the application online. You can apply for several campuses for one school.

  • Documents to upload

    Documents to upload

    Upload the following in My Documents in Søknadsweb:

    • A CV including a photo of yourself. There is no need to upload documents of professional experience, only your CV.
    • Grade transcripts from previous higher education other than NHH
    • Letter of motivation
    • Priority list of schools if you wish to apply for more than the maximum numbers in Søknadsweb of 20 schools

    The letter of motivation (maximum one page) can be written in general or more specific towards why you would like to go to one specific university, a geographical area and so on.   

  • Documentation of language skills

    Documentation of language skills

    English: Your TOEFL or IELTS test results cannot be older than two years in the semester for which you will be applying for admission to your host school. Students that have attended Norwegian Upper Secondary High School may use their Upper Secondary Diploma if it is not older than five years.

    German/French/Spanish: You must document that you have or will achieve language skills equivalent to two language courses at NHH (15 ECTS) in the specific language before you go on exchange. You should include information about this in your motivation letter.

  • Accepting or declining your offer of nomination

    Accepting or declining your offer of nomination

    You must accept or decline your offer of nomination in Søknadsweb before the given deadline. If you have accepted your offer, you will be sent a link to the student exchange contract to fill out after the deadline.

    You can only accept or decline your offer, not change your destination to another school, even though the school might be lower on the list of preferred schools than the host school you have been nominated for.

    If you wish to decline your offer of nomination, log into Søknadsweb and decline the offer. Out of respect for fellow students, please remember to follow this process so we can offer your nomination to other qualified students applying for the admission to the NHH exchange programme in round two.

  • Applying in the second application round

    Applying in the second application round

    If you did not receive an offer in the first application round you can participate in the second application round. If you received an offer but wish to re-apply in the second application round, you must first decline your original offer in Studentweb.

    You will then receive a list of leftover places and instructions for submitting an application in the second application round.

  • Am I guaranteed admission to my host school?

    Am I guaranteed admission to my host school?

    Be aware that even though NHH has nominated you for a place at one of our partner schools you must still apply for admission directly to your host school. Upon your nomination, NHH considered you as a qualified applicant and reserved a place for you at the host school, but it is essential that you maintain you level of grades and study progression and fulfil any language requirement or work experience requirement in the time leading up to your application for admission to your host school.

    Host schools may choose to decline your application for admission if you do not fulfil the requirements listed above or if you do not follow the directions and deadlines given you by the host school.

    Remember that NHH partner schools all operate with different deadlines and various sets of requirements and that students will not receive information about the application process to their host schools at the same time. So do not worry if you have not yet received an email from your host school while your classmate going to another destination has.