Recognition of previous education

Recognition of previous education

If you have education on the master level from another institution, you may apply for recognition of this education as part of your master's degree at NHH. Both Norwegian and foreign education may be recognized. Please note that only specific recognition may be granted.

Application deadline

1 September in the Autumn semester

1 February in the Spring semester

The application deadline was 1 February. The next application period is from 1 August to 1 September. The link to the application form will be available on this page in that timeframe.

We encourage early submission of applications, preferably in the first semester of your studies. It is not possible to apply for recognition before you start your studies at NHH. 

Required documentation

  1. Transcript of records
    Your application(s) must include an official transcript of records of the course(s) that you want recognized as part of your master's degree, stamped and signed by your university/university college. Please note that print screens from Internet portal sites like, for instance, the StudentWeb, will not be accepted.

    Previous education from Norway?
    NHH may collect your results from most educational institutions, as long as you have given your consent in the StudentWeb. A transcript of records is not necessary in these cases. Exception: a small number of institutions like, for instance, BI Norwegian Business School. 
  2. Course descriptions
    Your application must also include an official course description of the course you want recognized; either a PDF file or a direct link to the web page of the university/university college in question. The course description should include the course curriculum and preferably also the course’s outline/syllabus. Please note that the course description must specify which year/semester it is valid for. 

    Please note that only PDF files may be uploaded to the application form. Other formats and files containing “+”, “/”, “?” or similar symbols may not be opened by the document viewer.

Applications that are poorly documented and/or incomplete will not be processed.

Which courses may be recognized?

In order for a course to be recognized as part of your master's degree at NHH, it must meet three requirements:

  1. The number of ECTS credits must be equivalent to the relevant NHH course (the most common course size at NHH is 7,5 ECTS).
  2. The course must be on the master level.
  3. The content of the course must correspond to the relevant NHH course in terms of learning outcomes.

The application process

  • You must submit one application for each NHH course you want exempted.  
  • Please do not apply for exemption for more than one NHH course based on the same external course at the same time. If you do, only the first application you submit will be processed. Instead, if the first application you send in is rejected, you may submit a new application based on another external course next semester.
  • One external course may only be recognized as one NHH course. This also applies if the external course is 15 ECTS or more. 
  • If you apply for exemption of a course that is taught in the application semester, please do the following:
    - Register for the course and for the exam in the course you apply to have exempted.
    - Register for the course and for the exam in the course you would like to replace it with. It may take time to receive the reply, and in case your application is rejected, you must be prepared to take the exam in the course you applied to have exempted.   

Answer to the application

In most cases, you will receive a reply within a month after the application deadline. If an academic assessment of your application is required, the processing may take longer than a month. The reply will be sent to your digital mailbox or registered e-mail address.

Recognition granted?

Please remember to withdraw from the examination as soon as you have been granted recognition of an external course. If the deadline for withdrawal has passed when you receive the answer to your application, please contact the admissions office for help to withdraw:

Courses that are recognized as part of your master degree will not appear on a preliminary transcript of records from NHH. However, on your final diploma, the course will appear with its title, the name of the university/university college, and instead of the grade: “recognized”. To document the grade in the course to an employer, etc., you must include your original transcript of grades from the university/university college where the course was originally taken.